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Genevive Roble's Termite



by :iconidarkshadowi:
The termite from Bystander, driven by Genevive "Tlazolteotl" Robles

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The 2011 Tourney had been a revolutionary design when it had come out, making use of new discoveries to add a recycling feature to the basic hydrogen cell design, converting some of the water byproduct back into hydrogen to refill the cell. Unfortunately, the technologies involved, mostly in composites and alloys, were far too expensive for mass production.
Few could afford what was meant to be a vehicle for the general population, and by the time the revolutionary design could be supported economically, technologies had moved past it, and there was no reason to go back to it.
As production stopped on it, the cost of maintenance started to go up sharply, which meant that it tended to require a lot of expense. The amount of paper it consumed in receipts and bills, in combination with the considerably sized round bump between the seats and the trunk as well as the six-wheeled frame gave the vehicle a unique nickname.
“C’est une termite?” Lucretia asked, blinking.
“Yes, it’s a termite,” Genevive said.
Genevive’s termite was appropriately white in color.
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Looks very much like another "bug" to me.