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Divine Blood Races Total

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Race * Population * Primary Location * Life Force(color) ** Notes

Populations listed are Earth only except for Demons and Gods, which is a total population.

Demons * ~500k * Yomi (Shard) * Vitae (Red) ** Natural Born Immortals/Transformed Mortals/Communal Mindscape
God * ~500k * Nirvana(Shard) * Mana (Blue) ** Natural Born Immortals/Transformed Mortals/Communal Mindscape
Humans * ~5.6 billion ~ Earth * Chi (Green) ** Current Major Race
Therianthrope * ~400k * Earth * Spirit (Orange) ** Shapeshifters
Raven * ~40k * Canada/CRCMP * Auspice (Purple) ** Polyandric Culture
Succubus * ~6k * New England * Essence (Yellow) ** Similar to ME Asari, all-female, fertile with any sentient, larger off-world population, connected to Socrates Group
Dryad * >1000 * Scattered * Functionally None ** Afflicted Status, Nervous System replaced by a parasitic plant, all female
Jurougumo * ~40k * Japan * Seimei (Greenish-Yellow) ** Frequent intermarrying with humans, becoming more human each generation
Kitsune * ~50k * East Asia * Chakra (Amber) ** Can merge with/absorb others, works best with willing souls, number of tails shows number of coherent personalities
Gargoyle * ~90k * Northern Europe/Western Asia * Solidity (Brown) ** Whole nations exist in extradimensional shards, consider humans primitive
Dvergar * ~4k * New England * Brilliance (Jade-Green) ** Large population exists beyond Earth, connection to Socrates Group, hermaphroditic, genetic predisposition to eye failure
Lemurian * ~30k * Austrailia/Mediterranean/California * Vigor (Pink) ** "Deep Ones"
Sidhe * ~350k * Global * Glamour (Cream) ** Former great power, breed only with other species, sterile to each other
Wolfen * ~15k * Canada/Northern Asia * Heart (Bronze) ** Shapeshifters: Growth/Shrinking/Appear as other canines; Telepathic, control animals
Vampyr * ~1.5k * Scattered * Breath (Gray-Green) ** Usually born to human parents and usually have human children, scientifically speaking, human throwback, many go through life unaware of nature
Seraphim * ~5k * New England * Grace (Gold) ** Genderless, reproduce via cloning (or succubi), large off-world population, connected to Socrates Group
Gorgon * ~5k * Scattered * Entity (Silver) ** Similar to Vampyr, mostly found within human bloodlines, some go through life without awakening their nature
Chiang Shih * ~14k * California/Australia/CRCMP/Japan * Shenaji (Brownish-Yellow) ** Borderline agoraphobic, scattered by the Burmese conquering of South China
Troll * ~10k * New England * Potence (Reddish-Violet) ** All male race, Large off-world populations, connected to Socrates Group

The noted non-human races actually account for less than half the non-human population on Earth.

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