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Divine Blood Humans



This is a Commission Stamp by jackcrowder
Art by :iconhentaineko:
And posted here: Divine blood: humans by HentaiNeko


Category: Human
Active Psychics: ~0.75%
Common Talents: Various
Status: Major Race, ~5 billion
Location: Global
Lifeforce: Green, Chi, Adaptable, Efficient but Weak

Human beings are the standard by which the other sentient races are compared to. Most commonly, they have two arms, two legs, a head and a torso. Hair colors range from blondes to blacks while eye colors are mostly blues and browns with green and hazel eyes also being common. Both hair and eye colors are affected by any inherent psychic abilities. Some hair and eye colors relate to the specific powers while others are connected to specific families and a few seem to be simply random flukes. Skin tone ranges from a pale pink to a very dark brown with red or yellow tones in between.
Humanity has by far the largest population and it thus also has the largest variety of cultures, personality types and thought patterns. While most of the other races have such small populations that they can be safely described to have a general personality type, trying pin human beings down to an easy standard ranges from difficult to impossible. There seems to be as much difference between the humans of two cities as there is between two different minor races.
Part of this trend is the adaptable nature of the human race, but majority of it is simply the huge population they have. Personality types that are eccentric outliers in a population of two thousand become a demographic in a population of five billion. Other races that have been growing in number as well as how widespread they are have shown the same trends in broadening personality types, most notably the sidhe who have been escaping in droves from the Faerie Courts.
The majority of humans have only a very vague awareness of the existence of psychic phenomena, however, the barest drop in the bucket that represents those humans with psychic Talents or training still vastly outnumbers all the minor races on Earth combined, including the Demon and God populations in Yomi and Nirvana.

Human beings are hardy and resilient to a wider variety of environments, chemicals and pathogens than most of the currently existing races. They are casually inventive and analytical, even with minimal training or education. Psychically speaking, humans are all across the board with death seers, fire starters, telekinetics, aquatics and shapechangers all represented within the gene pool. The most unique ability to humans, however, comes from those known as Visionaries who seem able to design reality bending works of art and science that need no life force to fuel them. No other race that has arisen in the last hundred thousand years has developed anything like that ability.

The robust resilience to environmental and pathogenic exposure that humans possess has a flip side that leaves them more prone to harmful mutations resulting in cancer than most other races. The large genetic pool that has led to such a wide range of psychic abilities has also resulted in a dizzying variety of genetic disorders that are often crippling in effect.

Human females are fertile from their teen years until their early forties, with some recent treatments pushing the effective fertile lifespan beyond that. Woman are fertile once a month with a more or less personal cycle that varies from woman to woman. Groups of women living in close proximity will often find their fertility cycles matching after a period of time. Males are capable of fertilizing a female at any given time and remain fertile for pretty much their entire lives. Birth follows roughly nine months after conception. Usually there is a single child, but twins are not all that rare and there have been a few cases of pregnancies with as many as six or seven babies, though this is very hard on the mother.
There have been some early experiments with cloning and while the layman’s perception of a clone as an exact copy of an existing person has been found to be impossible, there was a controversial case in the United States where a child was conceived and brought to term using laboratory equipment outside of a living womb. The child in question died at the age of five after a long history of poor health. Blame was placed on the lack of transferred antibodies from a human reproductive system. An international court has placed a freeze on all future experiments in human cloning.

Current historians and anthropologists believe that modern humans arose during the Paleolithic era which started roughly 2.6 million years ago and that human technology and civilization first started seriously advancing at around 10,000 BC. In truth, human civilization goes back at least three hundred thousand years, however, the full extent of human history now only exists in the hands of the Demons, Gods and the sidhe. There are a few myths and legends here and there, but for the most part the return of the Immortals to Earth and the subsequent upheaval wiped the slate clean of those nations that existed prior to Mesopotamia.
It is considered something of a miracle that the race was able to rally back to being a major race in the wake of the God and Demon war that pretty much set them back to zero. Prior to the destruction of the early civilizations, including those established by the Gods and Demons, humanity had started to tinker with channeling and shaping and the first Talents were appearing in their bloodlines. With the return of the Immortals and the decision by those races to infiltrate and live among humanity, those arts briefly saw a surge in development until the chaos of the Immortals war brought humanity to square one.
Other technologies were also lost in the debacle, but out of it came certain advantages. The end result of the God and Demon War was that the leadership of both Yomi and Nirvana was replaced by Immortals that were less hostile to humanity in general and who would become in general more amenable as time passed. In addition, the genetic tampering and romantic flings of the Immortals amongst the humans advanced their evolution leaps and bounds. Psyche estimates that without the involvement of the Immortals, it would have taken mankind another one or two million years to reach the variety of psychic Talents they now enjoy.
The re-advancement of psychic powers started nearly two hundred years ago with the Chinese Conference of 1815 when an effort was made to standardize methods of referring to various psychic phenomena and Psyche had its initial start. At roughly the same time, the Community started to form to further spread teachings and philosophies of power use across all the minor races and humanity. Humanity has since advanced further than they had reached in the days before the first civilizations fell.
More conventional technology has also advanced rapidly in recent times between a combination of competing nations, space exploration, a spate of scientific geniuses and the evolution of the Visionary branch of humanity. All together, the conflict and intellectual feats have spurred humanity’s tech level forward at a sprint. Most recently, one organization has secretly found a technological way to teleport even objects as large as uprights across miles.
However, the conflict that has been partially spurring these advancements is starting to boil over and no one is really noticing.

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