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Mirev2 GTK3

By thrynk
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Port of Gtk2 themes to Gtk3. :) Requires the Adwaita engine.

Skins includes:


Put .pekwm in home directory and tint2 configs (inside the themes folder) in ~/.config/tint2


UPDATE: Fixed issues in gtk-widgets-css.
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how to setup this please Help !
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This is probably the best theme I have seen for GTK3. Brings the good old GTK2 day feelings back.

Good work. Hope you will keep this updated.
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it works with gnome 3.8?
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this looks nice with my custom dark alloy theme i done with fluxbox :P
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thanks for these gtk i will indeed make great use with it
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very nice

3.6 support is planned?
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How do I use this?

Install guide/tut?
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Oh, and running Fedora 18 XFCE x86/32-Bit

Haven't really many changes except update Firefox.
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Oh man! This is awesome, can you make a light version?
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this is great! all the way nice. its the GTK that ive always wanted
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Looks amazing BUT, my firefox font looks all gray making it unreadable
Any way to fix this?

That is the only thing holding me from using this theme
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You might try this [link]
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I can't get the openbox theme to work without a .obt file. I'm going crazy cause I love the theme but i can't get obconf to see it.
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I got this when launching leafpad:

.themes/Mire v2_Grey/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:67: Murrine configuration option "hilight_ratio" will be deprecated in future releases. Please use "highlight_shade" instead.
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Thanks so much for the port, I fell in love with Mire v2 as soon as I installed it, but was so bummed when it didn't apply to the latest Rhythmbox.
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I really like the blue one! thanks for porting it!
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nice work looks really clean
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Nice gtk3 theme
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