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Mire v2 Gtk themepack

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A port of the popular Mire v2 suite for Windows with 5 colour schemes, blue, lime, orange, pink and grey.
Requires Murrine and Pixmap engines.

Packages includes:
Firefox Css fix

INSTALL individually, not with the theme manager. Decided to rename MurrinaMire v2 to Mire v2 for easy installation so remove any old MurrinaMirev2 themes in your directory if you have any.

I also made a fluxbox theme at [link]

Version 1.1: emerald themes now included

Version 1.2: As requested, xfwm themes are now included.
This is a complete package with gtk themes, metacity themes, emerald themes and xfwm themes all in 3 colors.

Version 1.3: fixed pixels problem when shaded in xfwm

Version 1.4: Pixmap scrollbars added.

Version 2.0: Added colours, Pink and Grey.
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Download Link dead? :O
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Please tell me you still update this theme, bc if you do.. I was wondering if you could enable it for gtk3. My nm-applet looks likes crap on xfce D=
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thrynkHobbyist Interface Designer
I am currently editing one of my theme called Dyne for gtk3. So far, it looks good. I hope to release it as soon as possible and also some of my themes including Mire v2 as well when I have the time :)
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yes please very please *-* I just changed from SimpliX to this one because I want something darker and found out that file-roller just got screwed xD anyway I'm staying with this one!
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So nice. You got "skills" man.
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thrynkHobbyist Interface Designer
No sorry
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BerserkPPNKHobbyist General Artist
any chance of a Windows 7 version?
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alecive Interface Designer
Nice theme!!

A question: what is the app to show the theme?
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Very nice theme. One of my favourites so far. Thank you for adding pink.
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Really nice theme! My default right now! ;)
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Awesome Theme. I've been searching for a lime green/grey theme for a while and this is perfrect. Great work!
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Love it... now all I have to do is switch to linux.
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how do you install that firefox css?
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DarknessChild123Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome!! I realy, realy like it :)
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dude, i love you :+fav+
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This is great. favved ;)
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FinkreghHobbyist General Artist
sweeet! +watch
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thrynkHobbyist Interface Designer
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Hi, really great theme but I'm wondering how to get the window borders skinned as well. I used the theme manager to install the theme, but do not know how to do it any other way.
I'm pretty sure the rest of the theme is working properly, but the window border (top of windows, with minimise, maximise, close buttons) is not getting skinned.
Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks. :)
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thrynkHobbyist Interface Designer
To get the window borders skinned, you need to use a window manager. They are called metacity, compiz-fusion or compiz and xfwm for xfce4. I will presume that you are using gnome and use metacity as a wm so just click on System>;Preferences>Appearance. Click on Customize button, then click on Window Border tab and selected the theme you want. For more infos, I find it helpful to look in the forums of your distro.
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Ok thankyou very much :)
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