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:aww: :P :heart:
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looooooooove it
Just beautiful!
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OMG! Cuteness overload!
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absolutely beautiful! Very touching
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How in the world do you get so close to all these animals?!
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This is sooo cute! :aww:
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awwww...they're so lovey-dovey looking. :drool:
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first one: :P
second one: :blush: dont lick me
thats my perspective, anyway XDD
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*.* Beautiful picture! Such luck to be at that angle when it happened! Such skill and patience must have been put into practice ^_^
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May I use this as a reference for a drawing? I will not be tracing or anything, but I would very much like to use this pose to practice drawing wolves interacting. If I upload the image I will credit you as the reference and provide a link back to the image :)
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Feel free to use it as a reference, link back and credits are appreciated!
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I´m not sure if I am going to upload the image I´m going to draw as it is just going to be a sketchbook drawing, but if I do I will definitely credit you :)
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Hi Im Christina Im one of you watchers I was just wanting to ask if you permit me permission to use your photo for a school project. Take an animal pic sketch it then paint in Photo shop. None of my creature features have the "prefered" lighting needed for the project. Ok well tanks eather way Tushco
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U can use my photo as a reference for your painting....
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Thank you very much
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I can imagine the scenario:

The male, who is getting licked, just got home from doing a frustrating job. The female, concerned about her mate, comforts him with a few licks.

:shrug: That's just what I see.
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SO CUTE >_<!!!!
Great shot :D
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