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Winter PuffBall

I never managed to get close enough to a robin to take a decent picture.
The just love to play hard to get. They wait until you're close enough and then....they fly a few meters further until you're ready to shoot again and so on and on and on.
But this one was pretty cooperative, yay!
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A beautiful picture! So puffy :P 
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What a stunning photo. I t would make a lovely holiday card. I'd love to do pyrograph of it sometime too.
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Incredible picture!
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i will name it cheeseball!^___^
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Would it be okay if I used this as a reference for a pencil drawing (personal, not going to be sold)?
c: so cuuuute and such a lovely picture.
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done a painting base on your beautiful photo :) :thumb294021490: [link]
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OMG I just love that little robin. Will he have a name :P

I am just going too check your :gallery:

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Since I love robins... this one :)
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little + colorful + fluffy = cutest combo
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You'r beautiful Robin :)
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Amazing! :clap: I :heart: robins. :boogie:
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Actually, apparently it is possible to tame a robin - just check out this picture! [link]

I did a quick Google as to how to tame a robin:
[link] ^^
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It's bird. Lovely~
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your wonderful work has been featured here :[link] :heart:
Please don`t forget to :+fav: the news article , if you like it , ofcourse :aww::hug:
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it`s not that hard :) check this out: [link]
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I love robins, and your photo's are great :)
En volgens mij ben je ook Nederlands :D Geweldig! ^^
I'll be watching you ;)
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I'm collecting all of your robins!
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Oh man!!
It's an amazing capture!!
Beautiful pic.
I have something similar in my gallery, but without ice..=)
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Squeeee so cute little bird:love:
You catch some precious moments, unique and rare!
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