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Seconds Before the Light Went Out


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One autumn day, I decided to capture the autumnal splendor in filtered sunlight and I was hoping for some nice fogy atmosphere.
I probably had hoped a little too hard: the fog came rolling in as a huge dark and angry cloud.
Just minutes after I arrived, my fresh and colorful beech forest was about to be devoured by a thick grey layer.
This could certainly have ruined my plan, had I consistently stuck to it.
But just before the cloud ate all my trees, I noticed the last rays of light setting a tree in the spotlight.
That was exactly the magic I had been searching for!
Just seconds later there I was, standing in a toneless forest.
The magic had gone as if it had never been there, but fortunately I had my photos as a sweet remembrance of this gorgeous scene.
And isn't that exactly what photography (and life) is all about.....grabbing that moment...? |Facebook
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