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Fighting Foxes in the Snow

Fighting Foxes in the Snow

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I love this photo, love foxes, definitely going to be watching you!
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Beautiful!Such a great photo!
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beautiful photography.
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What do you do that your pictures not blur?

(Sorry for my bad english, hope you know what i mead :D)
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GOOD !! very good picture!
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Josh-The-Hedgehog1's avatar
i bet the orange one lol
LuckyBernie's avatar
"I ve got rubies b**ch"
"No I Have!"
quinch's avatar
"You took the last donut!"

"Fuck you, you keep bogarting the remote!"
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thú vị*hà hà*
judith559's avatar
no words... this is amazing!
DreamingJay34's avatar
are they playing or fighting???
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i always like your pictures so much :)
they are full of life :love:
Rapscallion85's avatar
Sweet! Fox Battle!
TheWanderer2030's avatar
Great shot! How close were you?
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Foto espectacular
Tzell's avatar
awwww why are they fightiinnn? maybe they're just uh.. hugging? :P
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Very good, ekspression frame! :-)
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This is a fantastic shot :)
HoneyLimeandRockLee's avatar
this would make an amazing Naruto metaphor.... it's in there somewhere...
PeaceLovingMadman's avatar
Looks more like Foxes Fighting in the Snow
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