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Dance of Death

Morning Spider Web with two little insects fighting for their lives.
And -call me a sentimental fool- I freed them after this shoot....:giggle:
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900x600px 342.55 KB
Shutter Speed
1/320 second
Focal Length
100 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 9, 2008, 10:15:35 AM
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Hello!:wave: You've been featured here: [link]
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all your gallery is fantastic!!!! i have no're great!
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it's amazing. and looks great
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:D Nice! And thx for freeing them! Life's important. Hopefully though, the spider got breakfast :giggle:
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what should i do with my camera when i want to make a focus like this.
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Depends on what camera and lens you have....
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can u tell me the just basic thing to keep in mind for take a sharp picture of anything.
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Mmmmm......a sharp picture of anything........That's so hard to depends on your distance to your object, to the size of your object. general...the higher your F-number, the more sharpness you catch.
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Thanks dear. just 1 thing more.. what is this F. F10 is higher or F3. pls don't mind it.
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F10 is a larger/ higher F number and a smaller aperture, so it gives you more sharpness (actually more depth of field (DOF)) and less light.
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you're a sentimental fool ;)
Nice shot. Even as a devout veggie I probably wouldn't have freed them though. I'd have just let nature run its course ... And then shot the onslaught, of course. :)
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Wow! You got suc a great shot! The water droplets are awesome! Thank goodness your freed them! I would've done the same. :)
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THis picture reminds me of last year when I saw a monarch butterfly caught in a spider's web-it was too high up for me to free it so I told my mom. Being a butterfly lover-she immediately set it free.
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Awww...good to hear so.......!!!
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this is awesome,i'm faving this!
the reflection in all waterdrops is amazing.
how done?
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lol cute ;) good shot.. FAVE lol.. again
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Is that a reflection of you I see in the droplets? :D
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Nope, It's a tree.
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But the spherical water droplets are reflecting everything around them. =P
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