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I love wild animals, tigers, wolves, lions....but more than anything I love animals in their natural habitat, just enjoying their lives like they're supposed to.
If I had the choice I'd immediately change my opportunity to see wild animals for their freedom. Unfortunately it's not up to me.
Some days I get a little sick from all these animals in jail just for our pleasure.
So here some real free birds. They still exist!
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Great photo :) Like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Very nice shot! :thumbsup:
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most liked to see their wet feathers on their belly ^^ owww . hehehhe. and they looking like sitting on any cloth covering. not like they are swimming and thats water..
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I agree with you, i belive animal should live in their natural habitat, but if you free all the animal in zoo's most of them wouldn't be able to survive.
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wonderful contrast
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What a photo!!! ":clap:
Blessings in Christ!

What can be said ... ?? SO PRECIOUS ... squeezable soft!!! Love it!!
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Splendid composition-would love to see this done as a watercolor! What a clutch of cuteness! :)
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I am not going to lie, it is amazing when you see animal up close at a zoo, but I stopped going because it make me sad too. Animals just sitting around in there fake habits. Free animal have so much more life.

Cute picture. We had tons of baby geese around my house. :D
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You see, not so many people realize the fact that they are a lot happier and much more beautiful if they are left in the wilderness like these sweet little gooses...and that's sad. But you have a gorgeous picture here and you deserve to be congratulated :-)
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OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so soft and sweet!! I agree with you jail... for our enjoyment sad but true!! :nod:
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Very nice picture!
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Как же хочется их потиска-а-атЪ!*_))))))
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^^' I mean, I have a very big wish to squeeze & hug them!
Называется картина "Они нашли общий язык"*_)))))
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Sweetness! Are those swan chicks?
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Sweet! there are a couple of swans at our local bird sanctuary and they had some goslings last summer (haven't been there this summer) but they never have more than two, so this bundle is especially cute :D
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