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...As the title says. :iconwooooplz:

If you have ideas or if you'd like me to cosplay as some certain character, please tell!

Gin! The Musical will take the most of my time again, though. ^^'

Watashi to issho ni kite kudasai!


:fuzzydemon: Upcoming cosplays & events...

Mysterion (South Park)
- 'Cos we all love Mysterion.
:pointr: Desucon 2012?

Snake (Powerpuff Girls)
- Gangreen gang way1
:pointr: Animecon 2012

:pointr: Tracon 2012?

HG Morty (Pokémon)
- A user of the Ghost-type!
:pointr: ?


Obi (Akagami no Shirayukihime)
- I have a scarfed moutain monkey.~ Naww not but anyways.
:pointr: ?

Nightmare (Heart no Kuni no Alice)
- A sickly incubus, who pukes blood = TOTALLY ME.
:pointr: ?

Akito/Agito (Air Gear)
- I'm going to learn how to skate using roller skates just because of this cosplay, even though I have quite bad trauma that's realated to all skating stuff. >_< Anything for cosplay! And I'm going to do both Akito and Akito at the same time by switching the side of the eyepatch.
:pointr: ?

0001370 (OC)
- He's a puppet and he thinks that he has herpes and that's why he's happy.
:pointr: ?

Tanpere/Tampere (アセマ Station Ekitou)
:pointr: ?

Hajime Aoyama (Gakkō no Kaidan)
- WAAAAH! Ghosts!
:pointr: ?

DEATH ROW!Agito (Death row/Air Gear)
- Death row group!
:pointr: ?

Prince Ilmara (アセマ Station Ekitou)
- *blinks eyes and stares at a window*
:pointr: ?

Fujimoto (Ponyo)
- Ponyo's father.
:pointr: ?

No Heart (The Care Bears)
- Gimme all your PINK care bears.
:pointr: ?

Four of Hearts (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland OC)
- More OC cards. This one is a little boy and he's all mixed up.
:pointr: ?

??? (My Little Pony)
- Jst what is this, do you think? The fufufu maybe you'll see ... later on!
:pointr: ?


:fuzzydemon: Planning to cosplay...

Yū Aikawa (Rabbit Doubt)
Goth!Stan (South Park)
Hana (Tokyo Godfathers)
GRANDPA L (Death Note...)
Red (Pokémon Special)
Silver (Pokémon Special)
Ruby (Pokémon Special)
HG Gold (Pokémon)
Volkner (Pokémon)
Luxray (Pokémon gijinka)
whalewhore!Stan (South Park)
Damien (South Park)
Kevin Stoley (South Park)
Red goth/Dylan (South Park)
Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Peliper (Pokémon gijinka)
Tom Riddle (Harry Potter)
Alien-san (Kashimashi)
Kururu (Air Gear)
Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Kino (Kino's journey)
MINI (Japanese musician)
Aelo (original character)
Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
Pierce Villiers (Clover no kuni no Alice)

If you have more ideas, please tell them to ME. ^///^


:fuzzydemon: Past cosplays...

Keen (Commander Keen)
- Oh noes aliens again!!!
:pointr: Desucon Frostbite 2011

Phantom!Miku (VOCALOID)
- This version:… :3 And I even don't like Miku haha!
:pointr: Ropecon 2011

worksite!Puistora (アセマ Station Ekitou)
- With whole group of アセマ Station Ekitou cosplayers!
:pointr: a photoshoot

Sebastian/ball!Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)
- Another demon, for my little Ciel only.
:pointr: Ropecon 2010 (Espoo)

Prince Pasila (アセマ Station Ekitou)
- With whole group of アセマ Station Ekitou cosplayers!
:pointr: Desucon 12th-13th June 2010 (Lahti)

- Chili Mikuo chili Mikuo chili Mikuo chili...
:pointr: Kikucon 15th-16th May 2010 (Turku)

- Chili chili chili chili...
:pointr: Kikucon 15th-16th May 2010 (Turku)

(young!)Carol McCormick (South Park)
- I'm whit stupid.~
:pointr: a photoshoot

Cheshire Cat (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland OC version)
- Show me that grin of yours plz~
:pointr: Bakacon 18th-19th April 2010 (Pieksämäki)

Butters Stotch (South Park)
- Oh hamburgers!
:pointr: Bakacon 18th-19th April 2010 (Pieksämäki), a photoshoot etc.

Gregory (South Park)
- Viva La Resistance!
:pointr: photoshoots

teen!Craig (South Park)
- Nice and boring... Fuck off.
:pointr: a photoshoot

Kenny McCormick (South Park)
- *mumbles something*
:pointr: Tampere kuplii 19th-21th March 2010 (Tampere)

Tweek Tweak metrosexual version (South Park)
- GAAAAH! The underpants gnomes are stealing my underwear!
:pointr: Tampere kuplii 19th-21th March 2010 (Tampere)

Nine of Clubs (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland OC)
- This card is a doll, this doll is a card.
:pointr: A photoshoot cosplay (Vantaa)

Clyde Donovan (South Park)
- Tacos please!
:pointr: A photoshoot cosplay (Vantaa)

Craig Tucker (South Park)
- Flipping off and wearing warm clothes. God dammit it was great!
:pointr: Tsukicon 17th-18th October 2009 (Helsinki)

Portugal (Hetalia OC)
- Portugal had nearly nothing to do with the whole war thing so he can ignore all the others. HAA. There's a big piece of irony in this cosplay. :'D
:pointr: The 24th Helsinki Comics Festival 13th September (Helsinki)

DATE!Fate Merited /Fallen (original character)
- =Fallen in a dress, buhuu!
:pointr: Mangapäivä/The 24th Helsinki Comics Festival 12th September (Helsinki)

Monni (Pekka T ö p ö h ä n t ä /Pelle Svanslös)
- He is a cat. XD
:pointr: Ropecon 31th July - 2th August 2009 (Espoo)

Fate Merited /Fallen (original character)
- Pikku-Susi and I cosplayed as our RPG characters, because Ropecon is a roleplay event.
:pointr: Ropecon 31th July - 2th August 2009 (Espoo)

Diamond (Pokémon Special)
- Pokémon Special owns you all at once! I had fun with Gold, Blue and Yellow! LUVS!
:pointr: Animecon 12th July 2009 (Helsinki)

Igor (Muchu's character)
- As part of our sweet Igor cosplay group!
:pointr: Animecon 11th July 2009 (Helsinki)

Beyond Birthday (Another Note)
- Remake: New shirt and jeans, redblack contacts and my two Wara Ningyos.
:pointr: Animecon 10th July 2009 (Helsinki), BYNNYEYE production's LABB-musicvideo

Mad Hatter (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
- My own version of him.~ At my birthday party and in our Wonderland photoshoot.
:pointr: 13th and 21th June 2009 (Vantaa)

Terrance (South Park)
- Together with Phillip of course!
:pointr: Desucon 6th-7th June 2009 (Lahti)

TYL!Reborn (Reborn)
- Together with TYL!Lambo
:pointr: Desucon 6th-7th June 2009 (Lahti)

BittersweetJustice!L (Death Note...)
- Together with my pair Raito-kun (he might be Kira and this time I'll find out if he is... lolioutfit-type~). Picture!
:pointr: Japanipäivä /Japan day 26th April 2009 (Helsinki)

Beyond Birthday (Another Note)
- Picture!

:pointr: Helsingin 23. sarjakuvafestivaalit (12th-14th September 2008) + photoshoot

L (Death Note)
- Picture!

:pointr: Ropecon (8th-10th August 2008), Tsukicon (18th-19th October 2008) + photoshoots etc.

Gold/Kenta/Yoshi/Jimmy (Pokémon Special)
- Picture!

:pointr: Kikucon II (17th-18th May 2008) + photoshoot

Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
- I need upload a photo of this costume. O^O

:pointr: Animecon IV (26th-27th July 2008)

Mello (Death Note)
- Picture! (Wammy's Mello) Picture! (adult Mello)

:pointr: Tampere kuplii II (19th-20th April 2008), Tsukicon (18th-19th October 2008), Tracon IV (7th February 2009) + photoshoots etc.

Near (Death Note)
- Picture!

:pointr: Tsukicon (9th December 2007), Kikucon II (17th-18th May 2008)

Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
- Picture!

:pointr: 15th October 2007

Yugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

:pointr: 9th August 2007

Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
- Picture!

:pointr: Animecon V (14th-15th July 2007)

Shigeru Ookido/Gary Oak (Pokémon)
- Picture!

:pointr: Tracon II (28th October 2006)

Kojiro/James (Pokémon)
:pointr: Animecon IV (18th-20th August 2006)


:fuzzydemon: Closet cosplays D:

Matt (Death Note) :pointr: At the Airport (2009)...
Misa Amane (Death Note) :pointr: Halloween party 2008 ...
Teru Mikami (Death Note) :pointr: Apple party 2008 ...
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