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Creatures of Narnia Tribute: Ghouls

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Character  GhoulsLocation  Narnia
Ghouls are amongst of the most evil and hideous creatures that live in the land of Calormen and (during of the White Witch's reign) in Narnia. They're pale-skinned creatures with the long pointed ears, slit-nostrils that are located in between of their large yet menacingly narrowed eyes, mouths full of dagger-sharp teeth, long arms and legs and they stand both hunched and crouched positions. They're scavengers and feed on the dead corpses from the graves, though they won't hesitate to attack, kill and eat a living prey, it it is either alone and defenseless. Though the Ghouls of Narnia might not be amongst of the strongest of the Witch's followers, they're still dangerous if they attack in the groups. They're capable to climb trees and along the walls like the ants and with their long spears they can keep they enemies at bay and  to skewer any unfortunate one that ends up in their way. They're often confused with the Goblins and Boggles due to their Goblin-like appearance, but while Boggles look more pig-like and ugly, Goblins deformed, the Ghouls are a lot more skinnier that they are almost skeletal in appearance.

I thought for long them to be a female Goblins.

They're amongst of many that answer to the Witch's call for arms and are present during of Aslan's sacrifice, where some of them are standing in crouched position in their allies' feet and three of them even participates is shaving Aslan's mane. During of the sacrifice, some of them are seen standing on the top of the Stone Table's main stone structure along with the Harpy and one is seen hanging on the stone pillar upside down. They also participate to the final battle against the Narnians led by Peter. General Otmin runs past of one during of the White Witch's army's charge, one Ghoul is tackled by Aslan's army's Leopard while Oreius kills another when the armies collide into each other. During the battle at the rocks, one is seen chasing a Faun soldier while other chases Satyr. They're also seen a lot in the background during of Peter and the Witch's duel, fighting against big cats and Satyrs on top of the cliffs. In one quick shot. One Ghoul is seen killing a Leopard on top of the large boulder while another one is knocked off the cliff to its death by Satyr.

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I don't honestly like this...I come here at 10:15 every night, waiting to see your fan art and amazing talent of storytelling through pictures, but I only find bases, Narnia tributes (that, no offence, I don't find entertaining), and uncompleted or waiting to be completed stories. I really do hope the bases and Narnia stuff stops, for it doesn't show your true talent as an artist. Please continue the fan art; know it's incredible!

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Well, while I do like to make tributes and and bases (especially bases), I still have in store a lot of that other stuff. So, don't you worry about that.

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OK. I understand. Thank you and love what you do A LOT!