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It's a bit pointless to post this but since I am a "contributor" I might as well. Since this group is kind of inactive and I don't have any real ties to it, I will be leaving it. I will still be watching it.
I just found out about you guys, and I'm super excited!
Always wanted to see a game like Spore 2, but more realistically and such.
Thank you for letting us download the free version of the game.
this game looks really promising. looking forward to future updates
Please let me join. I'm a huge fanatic of this now.
Hello! I have been following you guys for a while and I must say the progress looks amazing!
I would LOVE to be able to contribute with art, designs and just general visuals. Maybe even some biology stuff, as I'm going to a gymnasium next year that focuses on biology.
I've mainly taken note of the background to the single cell stage (oddly specific, I know, but what can you do lol) and I'd like to give some suggestions on how to improve visuals. Hopefully this won't be something you peoples have heard millions of times over and over. Anyhooters, here comes.

Perhaps you can take notes from microscope pictures? Make the light blue background darker, add algae and such. Pics for reference:………
Diatoms would perhaps be useful for creation of atmosphere, just having some floating around and waiting to be eaten by the player's cell or something like that. www.victorianmicroscopeslides.……
It'd also be interesting if there would be viruses randomly attacking, altering, just generally tweaking with and maybe adding/removing potential DNA points from the cell. There's theories about viruses being the very cause and spark of evolution.
Perhaps you could even add some form of subtle light refraction effect on your cell models, similar to what is seen on this paramecium:…
Maybe even subtle pigmentation options/customization and light play? Similar to what's seen in this rotifer:…
Just some nonsense from me. I apologize for long post and I understand if you guys don't have time with my bullshit. I just sorta had to blurt this out.
I would love to help give ideas. Ever since I've heard of Thrive a couple years ago I've been so excited to make the change from Spore to this. I'm glad you guys are still functioning.

And now I wish to speed up development process a bit. While I'll be learning some IT to learn how to code in school this year, I would like to toss in concept art here.
...Maybe even create 3D models of creatures shown in the concept art here to help grab more attention?
We would love if you wanted to help with coding once you learn it or 3D modelling.…
The game is currently written in C++, and scripting is done in Lua (using Luabind).
If you haven't done 3D modelling before, I could recommend Blender as free professional 3D program. There are also many good tutorials for learning Blender (and 3D modelling in other programs) that you can find on Youtube and other places online for free (as well as paid tutorials).

And apologies for the late reply.