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Umi DTIYS by Thriller-Killer13, visual art

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Hello and welcome to my page!

I go by Phoenix on here, I'm currently in Uni studying art stuff after having drawn on here for like a while.

If you enjoy my work please consider commissioning me! My commissions are open and my rates will be posted in a journal below! If you'd like to commission me please send me a note or chat!

WILL NOT DRAW NFTS and unless you've seen an open post on the project forum or I have replied to you personally, I do not take requests

It would mean a lot to me if you also followed me on my other socials! Ritsu Tainaka (We'll make money) [V1]

Favourite Movies
Prisoner of Azkaban, Interview with the Vampire, Crimson Peak, Pans Labyrinth, The Bunny Girl Movie,
Favourite TV Shows
Steins Gate, Madoka Magica, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Chuunibyou, Golden Time, Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, Death Note, Violet Evergarden, Erased
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Thank you Scientist, MCR, Vulfpeck, Paramore, The Orion Experience, Marianas Trench, Mystery Skulls, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Strawberry Girls,
Favourite Games
Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Hades, TF2, Portal 1/2, Half Life, Dungeons and Dragons, Jackbox
Favourite Gaming Platform
DS, PC, Switch

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New Commission Journal by Thriller-Killer13, journal

Hello Everyone! I'd like to firstly thank you all for 200 watchers! I've been on dA for a very long time but this is probably my more active time second to when I first joined and it makes me very happy that I have a lot of people who watch me who like my art! So as a way to say thank you I have decided to host a Draw This In Your Style contest! The deadline is going to be August 1st and will be primarily hosted here as a contest, on twitter and Instagram there will be no deadline as on those platforms this will be just for fun. This is the image you will have to DTIYS: Top three winners will receive a free request drawn by yours truly and the results for who won will probably take place a few days after the contest itself. Rules If you are new to my page you must follow me to enter the contest! (If you wanna stick around for after the contest I would really appreciate that but I also won't be hurt if you unwatch me afterwards) You can change the background, pose and the colours
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Decided it might be better to make a new commissions journal instead of updating the other one all the time lmao The prices are in USD and I accept payment via my PayPal. If you'd like to commission me please DM me on here or on my other social media and I will get back to you! I also accept points tho! I will draw: Fanart OCS Dnd Anthro/furry Real people (stylized) Mild gore Spicy content ;3c Pets I will not draw: Harmful content Full Nsfw Anything I don't feel comfortable drawing Icons/ Bust Sketch: $15 Line art: $30 Flat Colors: $45 Mid-body/Thigh length Sketch: $20 Line art: $35 Flat Color: $50 Fullbody Sketch: $25 Line art: $40 Flat Color: $55 Shading Extra $10 Backgrounds: Simple/Gradient: Free Detailed: $15 Extra Character: 50% of og price Ex, Full Body lineart is $40, an extra character would be an extra $20 Reference Sheet/Concept Design $80 Includes one full body, two expressions, and specific items Thank you!
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Alrighty! So with the new dA ai announcement thing it's time to once again plug my other socials! I'm still gonna post on here but if you really enjoy my work please check out my other socials in my carrd below!
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Me: welp I put my discord out there for commissioners to contact me, weird I haven't received ANY messages My discord friend options unbeknownst to me: *set to servers only*
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Heyo, love! Thank you for your support and I wish you the best spring everrrr!! :heart:

Yeah np!! and thank you so much! have a wonderful spring as well!!!

Hello to everyone who comments on my profile! Thank you for commenting firstly I really appreciate you coming here to thank me for stuff ^_^!

Secondly! MY REQUESTS ARE NOT OPEN ON MY PAGE. If you'd like personal art from my please feel free to look at my commission page above! That or catch the rare times I ask for requests on the forums or on my instagram that is also linked above


thank you for the faves<3!!

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sorry, my requests are not open

I'm offering commissions!
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