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VoBuFilm Logotype: Concept One

My first concept for VoBu Film - a German film/documentary company.
I would VER much appreciate a critique :)
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Hi, nice job. I looked the logotype and see that you need some criticise so goin' on;

I think that the play symbol already works for filming or something like that kind of concepts. But there is nothing more that we can take any point about concept or subject. Only a play button, that can be a music company or something. What all we can take is play. Typography can not give us anything else too. Also typography has a readebility problem in smaller sizes. If you can minimize that for 25 percent its really hard to take any information about concept or and sense. It can be a connection between play symbol and typography so we can take a better vision, and something more about concept, company. I think the symbol needs more categorized, directly indicate to concept.

Sorry for my bad English. Best regards..
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Great work.
This piece has been added to the favorites of :iconawesome-fonts: :)
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Very cool logotype! :)
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thanks dude - that means a hell of a lot to me coming from you - your work is amazing.
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Simple but really nicely done I think, especially the sue of the play button.
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lol, when at looked at the word 'film', I immediately thought it's a video clip. I waited for 1 min before realizing it's a pic.

It looks simple and cool. But I think the icon (triangle) need to be something more unique.
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