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Custom made and hand painted Steampunk style 1989 Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01.

LED has been changed to orange, and a prosound mod has been added for recording music.
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You're killing me. Aw man, I think I'm lusting for this thing!
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still impressive years later 
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i want this SO bad it hurts lol
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Please tell me you can make another one to sell? I will pay top dollar for it!
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that's flippin' awesome!!!
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This... This is beautiful... No, gorgeous. Ohmygosh...
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this is gorgeous. and makes no sense whatsoever.
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Awesome work! we shared it for all latinamerica in, of course all the credits are given, we hope you don't mind. Greetings :D
Wish you were selling it!
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How did you paint it like that? And where can I get pieces for my DMG-01 Gameboy? (Putting a green LED screen in)
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cool. i never thought of a steampunk gameboy before, but here it is, big as light! O.O
my brother had the original gameboy. unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore. doesn't come on or nothin'. but i still have the gameboy color. ;)
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How did you back-lid it? It seems to be the old screen
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Holy crap, this is glorious. I want one!!!!
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would you be willing to make another and for how much?
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Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous. I wish I had the m4d skillz, awesomeness, materials, time, dedication, and work ethic to make something like this. Sadly, I have none of the above. XD
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I would pay for that
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Whoa thats nice! But what does it mean about the "prosound mod" and "recording music"? Im so confused haha. Do you customize other game consoles? o:
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can you make a video showing what you used and how you made it so others can make one? I want to do that to my nintendo DS ^^
PingYamasaki's avatar
also that is the coolest thing i have ever seen!
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I hope you don't mind, but for a project, I used this as a base in my 3D Design class. This was the final result: [link]

I might like to note, I'm not very good at making 3D models. xD But it was really fun to make.
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