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UPDATE 5-8-16
I'm feeling bogged down and in need of some inspiration. So I'm refreshing this page. (Also, this journal is old enough that a lot of my watchers have never seen it). Help me out. Post some new fan art suggestions if you have any. Thanks :)



Have any ideas for art? I'm always open to suggestions of specific characters/fandoms for fan art and species/breeds for animal art.

If you feel so inclined, post a comment below with your ideas and requests. I'll be maintaining and occasionally refreshing this particular journal as a permanent page where anyone can submit a request at anytime.

Any and all requests are welcome, regardless of whether or not you think it's something I'd be interested in doing. There's no limit to how many requests or ideas you submit, though I can't guarantee that I'll do any of them. If I do end up using your suggestion, I'll notify you, credit you, and include a link to your page in the description of the finished piece.

Please note that I very rarely, if ever, do requests for original characters or personal portraits (of friends, family, pets, etc.). These are done as paid commissions or as gifts for friends. Thanks for understanding.


(2016 Update: Feature currently under hiatus but I hope to have it back up soon if I can just get my act together…)

I'm constantly looking for deviants to feature on my front page. The only requirements are a gallery with notably cool, interesting, and/or impressive work and that they respond to comments and interact with their watchers/fans. (The second requirement unfortunately seems to eliminate a lot of talented deviants.) If you know anyone like this, let me know in the comments below. As mentioned above for requests, anyone can suggest anyone at anytime.

You can view previously featured artists and deviations on this page.

Thank you!
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Hiya there! It's me again. The one drooling over Legolas; I'm here to give your brain a sticky note:
It would be awesome- when and if you have time- if you could do Eva Green. When I say Do, I mean draw. Because lets face it, those odds are as likely as me getting my Hogwarts letter by owl 23 years too late.:o (Eek) Waaaah! Wink/Razz Love Clap 

Not that you wouldn't stand a chance should you cross paths--- Of course. I'm sure you'd dazzle her!
But for now, let your art dazzle me!! Sparkle Emoji  Tiny Pixel Sparkle Sparkle 07 Sparkle out of the hat   Sparkle 07  Tiny Pixel Sparkle Sparkle Emoji