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How do you make your digital paintings?
There's a general overview of how I make digital paintings here. The folder in my gallery with tutorials, progressions, and WIPs is located here.

What computer/software/equipment do you use?
All of my digital art is drawn and colored/shaded in Adobe Photoshop CS6. My early work was done with a mouse. Everything since July 2012 (unless otherwise noted in the description) was done with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. I do everything on a Mac.

Can you teach me to [insert art related-thing here]?
I'm only a hobbyist who has a lot to learn. But if you have a specific question on how I do something, I'll always do my best to answer. Several more tutorials have been requested that I hope to have time to make in the future.

How long does it take you to make a painting?
I get asked for timeframes all the time but don't really have an accurate answer. I tend to work on stuff in short spurts over the course of weeks or even months. I also will often work on a piece and then take a break, forget about it, or get bored of it which results in it being put away and picked up again months later. Also, the total time varies greatly on how detailed a painting is. A super detailed one obviously takes much longer than a sketch painting. Sorry I don't have a better answer. The best I can do is say "weeks to months" or "a long damn time."

More questions about my process and such can be found in this journal:
answers you never asked for



Do you take requests, give gifts, or participate in art trades/collaborations?
Gifts are for friends and are given, not requested. I don't really do collabs. Trades are always limited by how much spare time I have and are open only to those I know pretty well as a deviant. By that I mean that we first made contact at least a few weeks ago, we watch each other, have had regular correspondence via comments, etc. As for requests, I'm always open to suggestions or ideas for fan art or animal species.  I just can't guarantee that I'll do it. Fan art requests can be made here by anyone at anytime. If I end up using your suggestion, I'll credit and link to you in the description of the finished piece. 

Please note that I very rarely, if ever, do requests for original characters or personal portraits. These are only done as paid commissions or as gifts for friends.

Do you do kiribans?
Yes. Unless I say otherwise, I do a kiriban every 10,000 page views, on the 10,000th page view (for 100000 views, 110000 views, and so on). I don't post reminders when one is coming up nor do I have it listed anywhere on my page. It will just be assumed that my watchers (and the conscientious people who bother to read FAQs ;)) know about it. If a kiriban number comes and goes without anyone notifying me that they caught it, I'll just assume that it was missed and move on. You must be a watcher of mine to win.

To win it, you'll need a full screen shot with the pageview count on my homepage plus a visible time stamp somewhere on your computer screen. As for the prize, it'll will be something modest but fun like 50 dA points, a fan art request, or a free sketch commission from me. You'll just have catch a kiriban to find out!

Do you do tags or chains?
It's my opinion that chains are pretty pointless, so I don't participate in them. Tags, which are I believe are fun and encourage community interaction, are always welcome. I almost always complete a tag but will usually save it to post at a later time when I have a lull in my journal. If I have any when you're reading this, tags that I have "saved up" to do are here in my favorites.

May I request a critique from you?
I always feel a little weird giving critiques since I'm no expert myself. But I'd be happy to take a look at a deviation of yours and offer what I can. As with most things on dA, I can't promise that I'll do it right away. But I will do my best to get to it as soon as possible. Please note that I leave requested critiques in the comments section instead of "officially" through the critique function. Sending me a link to your deviation as a note instead of as a comment would be appreciated (and will decrease the likelihood of me forgetting it).

Would you like to join my group?
I'd certainly be happy to check it out. Send me an invitation to join so I'll see it as a correspondence message in my inbox (NOT as a comment on my page) and I'll visit. Call me a cynic, but comments with links to groups posted on my front page tend to taste like spam.

If I watch you, will you watch me back?
While I always visit the page of someone who adds me to their watch to have a look around, I don't give automatic watch-for-watches. I add people to my watch-list because I like them and/or their art and hope that that's why other deviants add me to theirs. Same thing goes for favorites, comments, etc.


Do you do commissions?
Yes. My information sheet is posted here. It includes prices, policies, options, examples, and estimates for completion times. Send me a note if you're interested or have any questions. Alternatively, you can email me at

I'm a writer on a budget, new business owner, etc. and can't afford to pay you for a commission. Will you work for free or for exposure?
No. I can appreciate your position and understand that we all gotta hustle for that paycheck. Unfortunately, it's for that very reason that I can't afford to do commission art for free. I sincerely wish I was in a position to help out everyone without charging. But it's difficult and time consuming enough to turn a profit as a freelance artist as it is. I don't want to sound mean or self-important but imagine contacting a plumber, caterer, or other service provider and asking for free stuff since you can't afford to pay for it. That wouldn't be fair to the plumber. Thanks for understanding. 

Can I use one of your deviations as my user icon/avatar?
I'm fine with people using any of my art as their icon as long as you credit your source by linking back to me in your comment signature. Something like "Icon by ThreshTheSky" would be great. To use my art as your user icon outside of dA, please ask first. I almost always say yes but want to know where you'll be using it beforehand. Thanks!

Can I share/post your art on Facebook/twitter/tumblr/other social media?
Sure. As long as you aren't making money with it, don't claim that you made it, and link back to my dA page, I'm fine with anyone sharing any of my deviations on social media. Please DO NOT repost my art on dA or on desktop image download sites without my permission.


Why do you make so much fan art?

Short answer: 'Cuz this is my dA page and I do what I want.
Long answer: Storytelling and character development gets me really excited to do art. When I come out of a movie theater, finish a season of a TV show, or close a book that I enjoyed, all I want to do is draw stuff from it. I know that doing other things is important for artistic growth, so I do try push myself to make original stuff once in a while (along with fairly frequent commission work). But ultimately, I'm here to have fun. So I do what I like and I like what I do. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

How long have you been doing this stuff? Did you go to school for art?
I've been drawing since I could hold a drawing utensil. According to a somewhat trustworthy source (namely, my mom), my first art was created on a Magna Doodle. I started playing around in Photoshop around a decade ago but didn't seriously pursue digital painting until late 2011. I took some traditional art classes in high school but didn't have time to take art classes in college. Joining dA has really motivated me to practice more and try new things, which is something that I really needed after essentially cutting art out of my life for years.

Seriously dude, what is it with you and cats?
Yes, I'm one of those weird people who can't stop talking about cats. I can't help it! They're just too awesome. My two, Andy and Sarah, appear in my gallery now and then.

What's your favorite flavor of gum?
An FAQ page can give the impression of self-importance. I apologize in advance for this and assure you that this isn't my intention. These are just questions that I get fairly regularly in comments and via notes, so I thought I'd consolidate them in one easy-to-find place for convenience.

And please don't feel like this is meant to discourage comments or questions. If there's something you wanted to know that's not covered, ask away. :)

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