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Commission Info - OPEN

By ThreshTheSky
Please don't feel intimidated about leaving a comment or sending me a note. I'm happy to clarify or answer any questions you may have, even if it's already answered somewhere. :)

•If you're interested in a commission but don't have a dA account, you can contact me at
•Please use the deviantArt note system, NOT my email, to contact me if you do have a dA account.

•Please note that if you do commission me, you agree to all terms and policies listed on this sheet.

•For more commission examples, see this folder in my gallery. Examples for specific categories are grouped here:
Full ColorMonochromeGreyscaleFiguresSketchesFantasy-themedAnimals/Pets

•Sorry, but gifts and trades are for friends only. More specific info (and my other FAQs) here.
•Suggestions for paintings are always welcome but never guaranteed. Requests may be made here.
•If you're interested in a commission but don't have the funds right now, keep an eye out for journal entries announcing contests, raffles, and sales. Opportunities for free or bargain art from me occasionally pop up.

Thank you!
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are these open? cause id like a monochrome headshot :)
ThreshTheSky's avatar
At the time of writing this comment, FakeMajesty's account has been deactivated. So I'm leaving this comment with the hope that others will read it since it looks like FakeMajesty won't.

THIS PERSON SCAMMED ME. After I had already began work on their commission, they deactivated their dA account and email so that I couldn't contact them. They then filed a dispute with Paypal. Because Paypal is terrible at protecting sellers, especially sellers of digital goods including artists like me, I not only lost the payment they sent me but was also charged a penalty for the chargeback.

FakeMajesty, if you ever read this, I genuinely hope that the people you interact with in the future treat you better and more fairly than you've treated me.
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Yes, commissions are open. Send me a note. :)
jmaeq's avatar
Is this still open by any chance?
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It is! Send me a note with info about your project if you're still interested and we can talk. :)
jmaeq's avatar
That's excellent - note sent! :D
Facilier357's avatar
Hiya, do you by any chance still do commissions?
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Absolutely! Send me a note with your idea and we'll talk. :)

I would like to talk to you about getting a custom piece done. 
ThreshTheSky's avatar
I sent you a note. Thanks for your interest!
Samstwitch's avatar
Your work is exquisite! I have a very important project that I would like to commission you on if you are available. It's not a large project, but it's extremely important. Your talents would save it. I haven't been active on DA in years, so I sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon. ~Samantha
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Thanks, Samantha! I've relied via email. 
Spark-Imagination's avatar
Hello, I was wondering if maybe you were taking animal portrait commissions and what your avarage turn around on them are :>
ThreshTheSky's avatar
I sent you a note. :)

Thinking back, I'm pretty sure I included a link to this very info sheet in that note just out of habit despite the fact that you've clearly already seen it. Sorry for the redundancy. ;p
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Please note me and we can talk about it. :)
PunisherArt's avatar
Hi Im gunna hit up you e-mail for a project, great work by the way looking forward to talking to you.
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Sounds great and thank you!
Sake-Loup's avatar
May I note you with an idea of what I want for an estimate? 83
ThreshTheSky's avatar
hawkbutt's avatar
How much would a point commission be for an animal portrait?
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Depends on the animal. Also, I only accept points on greyscale sketches. Anything larger or more complicated would be such a huge number of points that I'd never use them all. Feel free to note me with what you were thinking of getting if you'd like more info. :)
bagozago's avatar
Would a sketch headshot of a cat be payable in points? I have no PayPal :)
ThreshTheSky's avatar
Yes, I accept points for greyscale headshot sketches, including animals. Send me a note with references/descriptions and I'll note you back with a quote. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
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