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The Endangered Spycrab plushie

By Threnodi
EDIT: The finished manufactured Spycrabs are in! You can get them officially with the in-game code from me here:   My Shop or from the sites for Valve and WLF!

Two of the rare endangered Spycrabs in the wild, claiming resources, disputing territory, and...just hanging out, I guess. ^_^;

It occurs to me Spy is one of the three classes I play most often, but I don't think I've ever Spycrabbed... I will have to rectify that.

Also I am Threnodi on Steam if anyone wants to play a round or chat/ make suggestions for future dolls or tweaks to existing ones. ; )

I started making one RED and one BLU-- the Spies wear such un-standard colors, I had to match as best I could, but I think it's not too far off. This is my first experience also with safety eyes and wire skeletons! Their patterns are actually constructed differently, the RED one has the legs and arms as part of the body so there is room for wire inside the legs and arms. The wire I used on my first try was too thin though, so while he is posable, he's not strong enough to fully stand on his little crabby legs. Still, something to improve on next time! The BLU crab has no wire and the arms and legs are sewn into the seams of the body, though I still like how posable he can be just in where you fold and set up his little legs. ^.^ They are both quite durable too, though I am wondering why I have set myself so many projects lately that involve turning right side out so many tiny thin things lately... my fingers are getting sore!

Each Spycrab is about 6 inches tall made of fleece and suedecloth with safety eyes.

These guys have been very amusing around the house since they got made.
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Thanks! They come with in-game spycrabs now : D
jaythescout's avatar
Just found out that the item got accepted into the game! Congrats, you've earned it. ^^ It is possible for past buyers to achieve a code for the game item, or would they have to buy another plushie? XD
Threnodi's avatar
I am looking into that right now, they caught me by surprise with the release! Maybe send me an Etsy note so I don't lose track of you--DA comments tend to be lost to the sands once they are replied to. I will forward any information I get through Etsy notes or E-mail once I get a reply on this subject. ; )
jaythescout's avatar
Sounds good! I think I sent an Etsy note correctly; I'm not too familiar with it. ^^;
jaythescout's avatar
Somehow the thought did not cross my mind for you having a deviantART and Steam... Heh. Anyway, I bought one of these guys about a couple years ago and he's still gorgeous and intact. I saw that someone made this item into an actual model possible for use in TF2, which I'll most likely jump at since I have a real one, but it made me think back and I thought I'd come leave an appreciation comment somewhere. Again I thank you very much for the li'l plushie and I hope you have a good day, a good week, et cetera. ^^
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Aw, gosh! I'm so glad to hear from you again, and glad too to hear your Spycrab is still doing well. ^_^ Yes, the Steam Workshop item is me and my husband, and my new co-workers, so it's related! : D
I hope you have a wonderful day week etc. as well, and thanks so much for seeking me out to tell me all that! <3
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My pleasure. I hope the item gets in one day. ^^
Threnodi's avatar
Thanks so much! You made my day. ^_^
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I'm cosplaying BLU Scout's Ma very soon, and I think a RED Spycrab would be an appropriate and humorous prop to have with it. Unfortunately, with the cosplays, I need to cut corners where I can. Would it be okay if I used your Spycrab as a basis for my own patterns? I have no idea where I would start in terms of making my own pattern is all. D:
Threnodi's avatar
Well, I do sell my Spycrabs on Etsy if you're looking for an extra-quick way to acquire one! : ) I don't generally share my patterns, but if you're asking if you can model yours after my photos that's fine with me, and it's very kind of you to ask..! My spycrab was sort of a modified version of the basic mochi pattern you can find various places on DA, if that's any help!
HeartOfTheStorm's avatar
This... Is awesome!!! :D I love spycrabs! I think you did an amazing job with this one! Keep up the good work!
Threnodi's avatar
Thank you! They may be my favorite Etsy craft ^.^
HeartOfTheStorm's avatar
You are most welcome! :)
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It probably isn't helpful that the endangered spy crab has a frickin' cigarette sticking out of his mouth. Just sayin'
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Yeah, it's sorta like panda bears refusing to eat anything but bamboo; spycrabs existing without cigarettes are very rare, and generally require careful attention to thrive, but if they can't learn to go without, how long can their cigaretted cousins survive in their self-destructive niche of nature?? Who can say?
sofonisbasaki's avatar
Could we have the pattern? please :)
Threnodi's avatar
Sorry, I don't usually give out my patterns. I can point you towards some DA plushmaking clubs if you're interested though, and I have Spycrabs for sale as well on my Etsy. : )
sofonisbasaki's avatar
aww thats alright
Threnodi's avatar
Thanks for the interest though!
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More than just awesome!
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These are sooo very adorable! I had a friend of mine mention you in his video-game website to throw some more attention your way with these. I hope it gives you some business! Do keep up with the lovely plushies, you have such a talent.
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