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GL Glomp

By thren
Green Lantern Glomp

Green Lantern © DC Comics
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© 2005 - 2021 thren
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when too lazy use the green latern! this is just awsome XP
purpletheworld's avatar
How do i use it????!?
therealdax's avatar
Now that is funny!
thren's avatar
Why thank you :)
therealdax's avatar
Easten's avatar
hiza for electric glomps :glomp:
livedead's avatar
:lmao: Beautiful man, just beautiful.

thren's avatar
red-handed's avatar
of course the GL wouldn't be yellow
for reasons you are well aware of...
but who cares its a fantastic glomp...
thren's avatar
Well hes a modern day GL, where the yellow vulnerability is only fear in the GL's heart, and of course this one has fully mastered his fear ;P
lightandshadow's avatar
this is very cool. i have made a journal celebrating the 'glomp' and have featured this deviation. :thumbsup:
Mrichston's avatar
Well animated and lots of creativity! :clap:
kiwi-chip's avatar
that is soooo cool! :aww:
Edme's avatar
The weirdest emote idea ever XD :#1:
captainsexy's avatar
haha... it quite funny...
NekoDramon's avatar
*giggles insanely* Wonderful GL effect there! :D
Shiki-Minami's avatar
Ahh, that is so cute and adorable! :+fav:
utarefson670's avatar
That is just superb! Now I can use it on linessa! :evillaugh: and any other pensioners that come my way. :D
LRJProductions's avatar
omg omg omg!
XD this is great. dude, you come up with some damned original concepts :laughing: and then execute them so well. yet another fave for you
bestgeg's avatar
Chiwaa that is sooooooooooooooooo adorable :giggle:
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