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The Nobles by threevoices The Nobles by threevoices
Anyone that's done IB theatre arts would know about the Practical Proposal Pitch ... or something. I know it as the PPP. It's where you basically come up with a production and create a pitch as if you were trying to get funds to create it, so you have to explain what it's about, costumes, set, etc. Basically you come up with a production and do everything for it, apart from put it on (which you could do if you wanted).

These were some of the costumes for my first practice pitch. It's a physical theatre production, all of the characters are masked and they express themselves through dance, lighting etc.

A brief summary of the story: There are two rival groups, the Nobles and the Regals. They are both fancy-dressed and pretty much up themselves, but the Regals are definately more extravagant. It is forbidden to be with anyone from the other group, and of course, the main characters are in love with each other though they are from different "clans" .. you could say, although the leaders would probably lynch me if they heard me calling them a clan or a tribe.
The girl is from the Regals, and she is the daughter of the leaders, and the boy is from the Nobles. It's basically my own twist on the Romeo and Juliet story. The couple's closest friends know about what is happening but neither of them think they'll actually try to be together. The conflict of the story is when the girl's father is dying and needs to find a husband for his daughter: the next ruler of the Regals, but of course, she doesn't want just anyone, so the couple dress up the boy (from the Nobles) as if he were a Regal, and he tries to ask for her hand in marriage, but her friends know what is going on, and his friends think he's going to be killed, so they bring a bunch of fighters from the Nobles into Regal territory to try to save him, and when the Regals find out that he is a Noble (due to the girl's fantastic friends) they think it's an ambush because the Noble warriors start pouring in, and basically a lotta people die, and the couple die in each others arms and blahblahblah it's a sad-happy ending because the Regals and Nobles all realise that underneath their fluff and fancy clothes, they're all the same.

These are the costumes for the Noble leaders, queen on the left and king on the right (you can probably tell). Their costumes didn't have to be tight-fitting and ... dance-able because they don't do any dancing. They just ... look fancy.

I really like how the costumes turned out, and I would love to actually see this production come to life. Who knows, maybe one day :]

The Nobles (c.) Naomi King, 2010
Story/plotline/idea (c.) Naomi King, 2010
JustAnotherFaggot Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
So sad but I love the costumes~
SkullFlameMK Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
This is really intresting design and very detailed if i might add. I've always been intrested in Clown/Jester like figures, especially Masked figures. They've always had a some what mysterious dark appearance, which i love about them. So really good work :)
threevoices Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :] i also have other designs here: [link]
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