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HP:MoR ch69 fanart

By Threesan
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Inspired by what I am sure is a misunderstanding on my part, reading too much into the proximity of Greengrass's (left, primary inspiration [link]) internal monologue, and Davis's (center) eager response to Hermione's (right) proposition.

Based on chapter 69 of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, an entertaining and intelligent fanfic based on the premise that Aunt Petunia had married a professor, setting up Harry to bring his sharp mind and broad knowledge to bear against JK Rowling's Magical Britain. But where would the story be if he-who-must-not-be-named weren't up to the challenge? [link]


I don't art much, but when I do, I put in impractical amounts of time to satisfy my standards of quality, i.e., "Eh, I guess that's good enough (and I'm getting bored)." (You may recognize the background characters because I was cutting corners at the end because pop references are fun!) MoR compels ye!
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I personally think there should be more sparkles, but your decision to add a rainbow and a unicorn in totally makes up for it
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I don't think the unicorn and rainbow were actually there (she was actually glowing, though, as a result of the spell), but Hermione's face was well-done. Her hand looks a bit screwy, though, Tracey looks a bit too cartoony, and Daphne... just looks a bit mannish.

As far as the background silhouettes... Are they anime characters? (If so, are the two on the right Temari and Ichigo? :P)
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...Actually, that second-from-the-right silhouette could be half the anime characters in existence, given that they all have that hairstyle.
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Re. rainbow: Correct. Call it a liberty or allusion to her other bestowed 'titles'.

Hand: Studying it more closely, I think I can see at least some of the problems with it, yeah. (Gosh, hands are hard! At least with faces, I can ape a "stylization" (though I feel a little guilty doing it, like it's a crutch and a cop out -- though, I'm not an artist).)

Tracey: Too cartoony relative to the other two in the image, or too cartoony relative to your preference?

Silhouettes: Touche. And yet you correctly identified #3 (and #4, of course).
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I'm assuming this is Author. I'm inclined to pass on a cameo op.


"Threesan shows us Daphne in Ch. 69" -- nb, most significant source of inspiration is [link]
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