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Today will get better, right?
Today will get better, right?
I can't do it.
I have to keep on going.
Why do you try?
This can only get better.
I don't think so.
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 1 1
I'm invisible.
I'm invisible.
They can't see me.
I just sit there quietly, and go unoticed.
It's like they see right through me.
I need no emotional sheild, it wouldn't help anyway.
Their words are like knives, but they think they cut into air.
My voice is nothing but a breeze.
My touch is the wind.
I try to speak up, yet nothing comes out.
I'm invisible.
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 1 4
No words
"Ugly girl. Look at her"
I can hear you.
"I bet she buys her clothes XXX-Large...then STRETCHES them"
Why do you do this?
"Wow....Where does she sleep? I know, at the MATTRESS STORE. They put all them together!"
Stop it.
"Is that what clogged my drain this morning? No..wait....that's her hair!"
Why me?
"Compared to her, my DEAD GREAT GRANDMOTHER looks like a model!"
You know I can't speak up.
"How does she even breathe? The weight she packs should have crushed her!!"
Cut it out.
"I thought ogres didn't exist! Apparently they do!"
Please, no more.
"I bet she was captured by natives, and they ate her tongue. That why she can't speak!"
Stop it.
"I wonder if she even eats? Not like she needs to, she has enough fat on her"
I can't fight back.
"EARTHQUAKE!'s just her"
This isn't fair.
"She should just die, before I do of seeing her too much!"
Maybe I will.
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 1 22
Hearts Song
The beat pounds through my head. I tap my pencil to the music. You smile at me, and I smile back. Discreetly, I slide a white earbud to you. You slip it in. I snicker as your face reddens. You hum lightly. I scribble on a slip of paper, and slide it to you. Your face lights up as you read it. I giggle softly.......
                                                                                                 "Our song?"
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 2 0
You see me.
Sitting there,
Looking like I don't give a shit.
But I see you.
I want to talk,
But I'm too shy.
Please come over here,
Because I won't go there.
I sigh,
Because you walk away.
But when you turn around, you give me a smile.
It shines like the sun.
My dark world,
Is now a little lighter.
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 1 0
Why did you leave?
Why did you leave?
I told you to wait,
Why did you leave?
I could bear life with you,
Now I'm worse than dead.
Why did you leave?
I thought you promised,
You would always be here?
.....please come back
:iconthreeflatstotheleft:ThreeFlatsToTheLeft 1 4
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You are Batman
In Batman movies and comics, both new and old, there is always one question the villain must, in one way or another, always ask; who is Batman? Who is that man behind the mask whose glorious deeds must always remain shrouded in his own anonymity? Well I come before you all today to answer this very question. I come before you today to say that You in fact are Batman! You are the man behind The Mask! You are the Caped Crusader! For every time you stand up for someone who cannot stand up for themselves, You are Batman. Every time you help someone who cannot help themselves, You are Batman. Every time you see some malevolence going on in this world and you make a stand against it, You are Batman. For every time you decide to do something for the betterment of humanity and expect nothing in return, You become The Dark Night, The Caped Crusader, You become Batman. For isn’t that what Batman is all about? An anonymous citizen defending what is right, expecting nothing in return? Showin
:iconziphos123:Ziphos123 1 5
Catastrophe by Myed89 Catastrophe :iconmyed89:Myed89 209 27 Ramillete by zukokku Ramillete :iconzukokku:zukokku 5 0
Iceland x Shy!reader- sombody calls out my name...
  I walked into the cafeteria, holding a blue plastic tray in my hand. People banging on the table, and talking about nonsense. I can't figure out why? What is there in this world to talk about? I don't think there is. Everything in this world, is full of nothingness. All there is, is criticism. I wish I had some friends. But no one approves of me. When will I finally be accepted, in this school, full of disapproving people. There is no hope for me. I see a sertain boy, with light blonde hair. I really like that boy, but he will never like me. But as of now, he's sitting right in front of me.
 I forced myself to say something to him, but I doubt it would work. "H-how are you?" I asked. " I am doing okay. How are you?" I widened my eyes. He asked me how I was. "I-I don't know." I really didn't know. I can't seem to find out. The boy just nodded and said nothing else. I stared at my food with gloomy eyes. As if it were something I couldn't have. Then It was time to go to math.
:iconflyingbuttersock:flyingbuttersock 5 54
Don't Stare, Iceland X SuperShy!Reader
You stared down at the ground as you sat quietly in your chair. You squirmed a bit in awkwardness before looking up through your long, wet bangs as your cheeks were a light pink. Five pairs of eyes, well six if you counted the puffin, were staring at you.
You tensed before turning bright red. "P-please, s-stop s-staring at me..." you pleaded quietly as you bowed your head, hiding behind your long bangs again as you hugged yourself tightly, bringing your knees to your chest. This was a very obvious attempt at trying to hide. You hated it when people stared at you.
Iceland watched the girl curiously as she tried to make herself as small as possible to avoid being looked at. Denmark and Sweden began talking to each other about what to do with her, since she had passed out in front of the house they all lived together in. Finland was trying to talk to the girl, which only resulted in her wiggling out of the chair and hiding behind it.
Finland seemed saddened by
:iconerinvanprussia:ErinVanPrussia 64 11
Photography (Iceland x Shyish!Reader)
Iceland x Shyish!Reader

All you could do was stare in awe at the multitude of breathtaking photographies from the website you had just discovered. Every shot seemed perfectly timed, perfectly framed as the lighting made you feel like you were right there, right in the picture.
Nature, people, inanimate objects, buildings.... The list of subjects was ongoing, seemingly never-ending. Curious to know who owned such skills, you wandered onto the site's main page. Skimming it, trying hard not to be distracted by the many more shots --many of which you told yourself you'd look at at a more proper time-- but you couldn't find anything.
No name.....
So that person preferred anonymity.
You didn't get it. Wouldn't you want to be recognized? Wouldn't you want people to call you by your name, given how many gave you input on your masterpieces?
You would, that's for sure.... Or maybe it was just the curious young girl that you were that wanted to know who was behind the lens
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 201 27
Day 310: gao by shortpinay Day 310: gao :iconshortpinay:shortpinay 193 21
MonacoxReader: Poker Face
(A/N: No... Lady Gaga did not give me inpiration... =w=b)
Poker chips, Slot machines and Cards...
Everything you sucked at...
You loved casinos, they were always so big and lively!
But the amount of luck you had was limited, and that luck didn't apply to casinos...
You groaned in anger as you failed yet again at the slots.
"Just give up, ______! You just not made for places like this!" Your friend Monaco laughed.
"Oh, shut it..." You gently banged your head against the machine.
Monaco was always so lucky. She could win anything!
That was... Except one thing: Poker.
You had the better poker face out of the two, but without her luck, you never won.
She always wanted you to teach her how get a good poker face.
In return you wanted her to teach you how to be lucky.
She would always laugh and told you it was a trait, you couldn't just learn it.
Of course, you'd say the same thing to her.
But of course, today was different...
You felt lucky... Well, only when it came
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 24 4



Blarhh....okay then. This is just going to be crap, Kay?

Her blue eyes are are almost grey, reflecting the gray of the clouds. Her brown hair turns monochrome as she climbs into the tree. Feet methodically find footholds, and her hands grab worn branches. The book in her bag thuds against the pencil and white legal pad, echoing through the empty forest. A raven takes wing, cawing loudly. She answers in her own raspy voice: "hello there." She slips into a familiar crook, and absentmindedly takes out the book. It is an old tome, weathered and worn. The pages are rough yet smooth; the text is fading away. She flips to a page marked by a ribbon. Eyes staring through wire frame spectacles absorb every indigo letter, and calloused fingers scribble down notes and ideas. The raven watches interestedly, cocking her head. Blue-gray eyes meet black ones, and the young girl frowns. "I know it's time....I just don't want to go..."

So, comment if you like? This was just a thought that has been spinning in my brain today, so yeah....


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