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adding the logo for me is just an attempt , im not saying that it must be added but i tried and failed , so yeah im not really trying me best in Photoshop because im still learning it my self because i wanna draw a more clean pictures and drawings , last attempt for a sonic drawing was my attempt for project 20 but i missed some things in it : the 3d view and more clean realism looking picture.

i might release the first rough character concept art (don't expect a clean picture)

i removed the image because i noticed that i did too much on it and it seem ruined , i should have only focused on the name of the forums instead of just fooling around the picture itself , it was Not reported , i just felt it was too much

i don't claim that i wanna go back/re-register because from what i think (some people might say that my thought is wrong) because what lead me to get out off CM forums is "the motwera" , yep it is NOT b-mask of anyone on the forums , i was stupid to post something like that SO EARLY like that , anyway im still have ideas and experimenting these , so don't think that my works are all final for example this one
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Submitted on
June 27, 2011