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Brand new Motwera logo (2013) by three3world

Oh boy, I have not used the journal in like a while...
So, here we go from here:
  • I have mostly stripped down my usage of DA to 2 things: Main Deviations uploading, and favoring lots of Crash stuff (I now have a Crash fanblog, called Crashy News!) due to decreased desire of uploading and making deviations
  • I am currently brainstorming and trying to figure out plans to make my first actual game, GINE (LOGO), which is exclusive to my gaming news blog-styled-forums website, 3WORLD!
  • I am mostly trying to resort to making sketches but with some changes: I am aiming for more quickly and precisely
  • And well, you may of have seen that I am also trying to make some sort of mascot character, called "Ferreton the ferret", i know, so "ORIGINAL"..
  • I am probably going to get real deep into programming as a post-secondary course, in addition to UI design (Hobbyist) for my Titan OS concept (With my entire electronics concept, Trice, with its flagship devices, called TING)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via a comment or PM.
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Submitted on
July 31, 2014