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i see what u did there...

okay anyway, i just saw on the forums that b-mask changed his nickname to Gilda ?what?!
anyway last time i visited the crash bandicoot returns and it turns out that b-mask is being a D*** to everybody as for hating on the game as really badly programmed , Seriously?! i say this to u bmask : i have been waiting 3 F***ing years to see a new platform that is truly a reboot/HD version of crash , yeah that's awesome , but the game is still in development please stop the hate , don't make us hate it , honestly i hate the last 2 major games , they suck so hard that it sounds too childish , god-dammit , bmask . also i lied about one point when i said that b-mask was not who did my mistake , actually it was one of the people who lead to this childish stupid mistake , yeah how would like that to wait 12 years like duke nukem and have then a crappy ass game  , this year is supposed to be for games a whole reboot/sequel that is gonna be great for everyone, okay? fine, looks like he's not did it to me , but to almost everyone.

so yeah its my opinion on b-mask


New CM logo is AMAZING!
wow i gotta admit that whoever made that logo is a genius :D ,just when i check our their forums as a guest.
well its over :) hope i get back there as a normal member but without all that crap i did , im not gonna post "the motwera" stuff there because it seems too stupidly vague.
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Submitted on
June 28, 2011