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JHP Photoshop Actions



Create AMAZING images, INCREASE your workflow and give your photos LIFE with just ONE CLICK! :eyepopping:

13 awesome actions to get you started on your way to amazing images.

Includes: Image Boosters, Black & White, HDR/Gritty Effect, and Vintage Effects

1. HDREffect
2. Vintage-Yellow
3. Vivid
4. 3rdDimension
5. SlightFade
6. RockShow
7. Powder
8. Tarnished
9. EverydayBoost-Vintage
10. Vintage-77
11. Essence
12. BlackSmooth
13-15. Vintage-Mixer

Check out some samples here: [link]

Take your photography to the next level and Satisfy Your Creative Mind!


Terms of use: None. However, if you use this, at least drop me a comment or a favourite to help me spread these free actions around DA

Also, would love to see how use them. Come back and share your link pleeeaaaasee. :)




photographer: ryan mcgoff
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Love these presets, use them all the time - but I have changed laptops and can't remember how to re-install them on my Photoshop - HELP