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November 22, 2006
Hybrid Realm by *thraxllisylia is captivating in its mystical, near ethereal state. Without knowing about this society, I see a people who embraced art into their technology in order to preserve their culture. I can almost hear the whisper of the ship as it sails by smoothly, at one with the clouds and sky above.
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Hybrid Realm



Hi guys :)

This piece is my entry for the "Starcraft" Art competition, 2d environment.

its a zerg protoss hybrid realm.

Learnt shitloads with this piece, thanks to an early imagine fx issue with john kearney and darryl mandryk, their tips gave me many lightbulb moments. (hehe yea i found a place that stocks the mag though they are for sure a few months behind!. still waiting for me copy :P )

I also learnt that staying away from the net can help with speedier results :D haha
hope you like it as i am very proud of this baby!..

BTW the guidlines say that one can promote their entries, which is why i am posting!...*don't swipe this and use it as your entry*... for some reason i had a feeling to say that!.

take care everyone

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