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And seeing as how it's July, I thought I'd get around to posting that thing I used to do at the top of every year. My Daily Faves!

These are artist that throughout 2013 caught my eye, held my sight and filled my heart.
Whether it be subject matter that I'm into, a particular way they draw or skill they craft with that I hope to achieve one day, everyone below has captured the very essence of what it is to be alive and be an artist. I thank you all, for it is you who makes me want to be a better artist myself.

- Thrash :batman::horns:

Each one of you totally rock of awesomeness. Your skill and ability are one I hope to achieve one day. Especially with this last year being my first full year of digitally, you are the pioneers of a new era of Artist, one that people will be studying within the next century. You are the new masters.

To those who I've had the chance to chat with via DeviantArt, thank you for your encouragement and and extra thanks for faving MY stuff. My work is such novice in comparison I am humbled and only hope to capture characters and setting like you do some day.

beetlejuice by nightwing1975  The Lovely Kato by Age-Velez Morticia by PapaNinja  Ivy Close up by sakimichan Harley Quinn by SquirrelShaver Harley Quinn, M. De Balfo by ulamosart commander kruge by nightwing1975 <da:thumb id="396884298"/> <da:thumb id="130622053"/> my bic is mighty! by nebezial i hear you like yer ballpoint pens bub! by nebezial Beast of a Bat by CoranKizerStone  Supergirl 2 by Artgerm Pose study 1 by Kate-FoX Emerald City Comic Con:  Process by jamietyndall Lady Death comic cover by LadyLestat88   Coffee Break by Shtut Gaz by Alice-Moonberry  Haven Interior by kuroe702 Little Devil by CintiaGonzalvez <da:thumb id="335773627"/> Star Trek: DS9 by aerettberg Madam Red by aruarian-dancer

There are certain actors that the moment you saw them on screen you thought, "OH MY ARE that character!" Some of my favorites are Dustin Hoffman as Hook, J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson, Richard Harris as Dumbledore.

For those who cosplay, there is also a league of you who evoke the same response. And OH MY GOD, each one of you ARE these people! How you achieve it I'm not entirely sure, but I know that after a long run of not sewing or constructing any costumes you're the ones that make me want to shop downtown and bust out my shears and sewing machine once again. And hopefully I can make it look half as perfect as each one of you have.

  Madam Red by AnnaProvidence no fear by AngelaBermudez Why don't you do right (Jessica Rabbit) by Helen-Stifler Lady Death TCC by LadyLestat88 Jane Lane + Trent Lane - Daria cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay Poison Ivy by Helen-Stifler <da:thumb id="364020232"/>  Supergirl II by black---butterfly  Daria + Jane Lane - Daria cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay  Hellsing Ultimate: Dracula's Pupil by TraumaticCandy Sabrina - Mind Control by Lie-chee PEW PEW JUSTIN BAILEY METROID by VampBeauty <da:thumb id="334756343"/>

Photography and Fashion
I may not have a fancy camera or claim to be the best dressed, but I know what I like, especially when it inspires me to sketch in my book. Thanks to all of you for sharing yourselves in such a way that makes me want to draw or shoot photos more and more!

Splashing Milk by LotsOfLowe    attic II by graemo Schoolgirl by TheLadyNerd2 Peek-a-Creep by ZeFezzeh <da:thumb id="208451666"/>

Fandom and Stuff I Like
Sometimes we just share what we love in little ways, characters, TV, books, music. You're all beautiful in how you portray your own loves through your photography, cosplay, or even the simple way you throw those books on the ground and capture a moment from a show, or paint your nails..."It always puts a smile on my face" - The Joker

<da:thumb id="355711629"/>  Hekady is Dark SuperGirl Kent by Hekady <da:thumb id="361108981"/> Erik makeup test by Muirin007 Bookworm by black---butterfly Reminiscence by Mahafsoun


United States
You know how you can recall being really little? And it's not really a full memory, just sort of a recollection of people towering over you and couches being fortresses you could scale, perhaps even being afraid of falling from a seat? ...I've been drawing before that. And ever since, it's just sort of stuck.

Then came instruments, trombone in elementary, keyboard in jr. high, guitar declaring itself king of the hill in high school, harmonica on my own time, bass and drums whenever I can get my hands on them...I guess singing was around since I could recognize a song as a toddler.
MUSIC makes the world go round, it's a part of all of us, no matter what specific sounds we choose to listen to. :horns:

:spotlight-left: :spotlight-right: see your older brother in a high school show when you're a few years old, and then subconsciously you're catapulted into a world you never knew would keep you THIS busy what with performing, directing, training and designing all over the place nowadays just so you can do what you love and find a way to feed yourself.

For the record, I still have a hard time looking at myself on screen I sound silly.

Painting has always sort of been around since they said, "you can us out with this!"
"...but...I...don't paint..."
"Come on!" :sprint:
Before you know it, you're the one doing all the scenic art stuff for your shows. Nowadays I love getting work where scenic design and painting are involved.

Photography, my philosophy is shoot first ask questions later :firelite-photo:...I just need to get a new camera (miss you Olympus)

Costuming, it started as a tech class and turned into a line of work. And yet even before that I remember looking at costumes on screen and thinking "I want THAT costume! (and not the 'cheap' version you can buy localy in town)". Thus, the costumer in me was born.

What can I say? No matter how many ventures I take on, I truly feel i'm an artist at heart, I dig it, it's pure magic! What's better than sharing a little bit of magic?

Keep on keepin' on fellow Deviants!

Oh...and I like Milk...:milk:...and, they actualy have these? Huh...go figure!

Current Residence: small town Whittier
deviantWEAR sizing preference: in Medium
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Thrash, Surf, Symphonic, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal
Favourite photographer: Vickie Vale (she's blond)
Favourite style of art: dark, gothic, biomechanoid, b & w, shadow, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, sensual/passion, love/lust
Shell of choice: shell? Blue Spike koopa...?
Favourite cartoon character: Rogger Rabbit, Goofy, Batman (he counts!) Spawn
Personal Quote: 1. You'll never see the same cloud twice 2. We create art because we can and should




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OMG I deleted my old dA account years ago and when I made a new one, I forgot your screenname and what order the numbers went in! It's so good to finally have found you again! How have you been?
Thrash618 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
GIRL!!! It's been TOO LONG!!! Yes, I'm still the same (I don't tend to delete anything) and I have that s/n for nearly all social media and GT's. I have been through mountains of carnage to skies of serenity. Working tons and making something of my life, how the heck are you???
LocationCreator Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Hi Thrash618, Whatchoo been up to lately?
Thrash618 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
Hello! I know, I'm responding a YEAR LATER!
One could say I've been busy working and getting all things in their proper place. Hope all is well with you!
LocationCreator Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Ha! Glad you are still creating.
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