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March 10, 2018
Soulbound by ThoughtWeaver
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It was a rare occasion that the Wizard of the West would have visitors. Indeed, most either failed to find his tower or avoided it, fearing what mysticism was within. Those who did come upon it, however, perhaps did so by chance or of their own volition sought it out. Some, for reasons perhaps the Wizard himself did not know, were bound to arrive, as though written in a book of Fate. It was the middle of the harvest -- not that it meant much at Targaris, where the rain was steady and continuous -- and the Wizard of the West was enjoying his tea. Then came a knock on the door: "Pardons, is anyone in there? I have this coin?" The Wizard of the West set down his tea and smiled; perhaps the Wizard did not always know what made certain people bound to arrive, except every now and again when he arranged it himself.
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SusuSketches's avatar

This looks deep, I love it so much :D

vangogh2005's avatar
It almost looks like a wolf howling
radtulip663's avatar
Woah!!! This is really good! May I use it for an oc? I shall give full credit! And it's fine if it's a no :3
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Forgive my ignorance, but what's an oc? Depending on the context, I'd be happy to let you use it with credit given to me. :)
radtulip663's avatar
Oh sorry, oc is just short for Arizona character! Sorry for being so dumb and not explaining it first ;w; and you weren't being ignorant at all! You were just being curious! And how shall I give credit? Do you want me to put it on the image? or on the title for when I post it to deviant art? Witch ever one you prefer ^u^
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
On the image would be fine! Thanks for informing me. Best wishes! :D
radtulip663's avatar
WOOPS I meant original-
poca2hontas's avatar
Well done on the DD :)
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Thanks! I was quite honored. :D
Leaxel28's avatar
WOOOOAAAH its just what I have to say
PaladinPainter's avatar
ElenaLight's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! Clap   Deservedly Nod 
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
RationalParadox's avatar
Congratulations on your well-deserved DD!  :D
Fractaldragon's avatar
Lovely fractal art! Looks like an amazing nebula in deep space. Congrats on the DD!
batjorge's avatar
Oh many congrats on your DD! :squee: Well deserved of course ;)
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Can I use this piece of amazing art? I will give you credit!
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Certainly! I'm happy to let anyone use my art so long as credit is given. :D
Tinselfire's avatar
Who is this wizard, and what does he do?
Is he perhaps a kindly old man and neither needs nor desires to be much else, with name and reknown to stay out pestering visitors, or alike attract a kindred spirit when solitude becomes a burden? Or is he a creature of an altogether different order of magnitude, born where the unending cosmic cold meets the struggling light, and in service to the powers who there hold reign - clad in feeble flesh as to not disturb the fragile eyes and minds of mortal Men. Or perhaps he is neither, but a wielder of weird unspeakable, in consort with mindless powers that bend and force the cosmic matters for reasons in which there is no reason, and in this made more than a mere Man... and likewise less.

But perhaps it is the way of mortals to tremble at such things, and mayhap the voices fresh in mind when he rises from his dreaming couch are kindly indeed. We shall meet again, and you may always find us: Where the fire strikes the ice.
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