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My heart was laid bare,
My true feelings unveiled
They affirmed what you already knew

The sting of my oath,
Her knife at my throat
It's clear there's no room left for you

Turns out I haven't really changed that much after all this time

You breathed not a word
As your eyes filled with tears
Why didn't I look away?

The glow left your face
As you looked in my eyes
And they told you what my words could not say

To think she hasn't really changed that much after all this time

What calamitous chains
What cruel fetters of fate
Bound all three of us here
At the same time and place
In the same heavy shadow
To be crushed by its weight
As my shallow "love" for you evaporates

As our fragile bond disintegrates
Lyrics of a new song for my band, S.S. HANAMI, a theatrical alt-rock band from America influenced by anime, J-Rock, and Visual Kei. Through our music, we want to convey the impression that S.S. HANAMI is, at heart, more than just simply a band -- it's an anime, and these songs are the soundtrack.
I actually wrote these lyrics (and a sizable portion of the music) quite some time ago (an older version is buried somewhere in my submissions) but it wasn't until recently that the time was right to finish it.
For more info and to listen to our music, visit [link]
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This song made Sasha come out.......prefect >3