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Group Rules

Submissions are limited to 5 a day and MUST be related to an original character, or an original world (eg, maps or towns) - if no information is mentioned about the character, then it will be assumed that it is general art and will be declined.

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Welcoming all OC addicts!Well we're finally here, on the threshold of a new group dedicated to Original Characters of all shapes and sizes!
Welcome one and all, whether you're the keeper of a horde of anthro characters, animal critters, or humanoids of all walks of life!  Here at Thought-Up I will strive to give you a place to show off your own OCs as well as meeting others who, like you, are proud to say "I thought it up myself".
Not only will you be able to show the world your colourful host of thought-babies, but in the future I hope to provide you all with interesting character based activities such as organised trades, cross-over themes, character memes, contests, and a lot more!
For a full list of the rules so far, please check out our main page, more will hopefully be added as we go along.
So what are you waiting for?  Give all those thought-characters life!
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What we DO NOT accept

Fan-based characters or Fan art are not allowed.
These are characters created to fit into an already existing world, such as Naruto fan-based characters, or any other already existing and well known world.
We are a group dedicated to original characters. We do understand that in many cases characters may have been slightly influenced by certain things, this is ok, but blatant fan-based characters are not welcome here.

:bulletblack: No RANDOM ART - all art MUST contain character info somewhere, anything without will be declined.

:bulletblack: For now we only accept fine art submissions not literature. Character references may contain text in the description, this is totally fine, but there MUST be a visual element.

:bulletblack: Mature content is subject to higher scrutiny - anything too explicit or vulgar will be declined

:bulletblack: Unfinished doodles are not accepted, as is anything on LINED PAPER or anything which is poorly scanned or photographed.




Hi! I`d just like to remind you, that this group is about OC (original characters). Please, don`t submit random drawings which are not related to your characters/stories/world. Thanks for understanding
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