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a self portrait on mushrooms...oil on canvas.2004
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Jan 16, 2008, 11:03:30 PM
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This is incredible!
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So kind of  the nature of man thing, the positive and the negative? Not that one side or the other is completely evil or good, but positive and negative. 
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I really love the detail in this.
U are in the knowing dope work
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This is absolutley Beautiful<3 <3
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Damn good job. Not another people do illustrations and drawings of Reptilians and other extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings.
RebeccaTripp's avatar
I have a soft spot for reptilians. I like your science, your curiosity and your intense desiring. It is perfectly possible for reptilians to be at peace with ones like myself, and others.
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Awesome painting. A lot of great color and effects. And an interesting theme.
Nestharon's avatar
This picture speaks for itself :) There is a book about this beings, it's called ' Inuaki ' it's very good :)
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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Care Brother, I praise you. I too have seen our (humans) dualistic nature, the many layers of reality, and the many forms of DNA alive inside of our bodies. I too have become the dragon and man in one. Thank you for the visual aid. PEACE.

Love is the law, love under will.
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Beautiful work! We need more people to create Reptilian art work. :D
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My mind was blown too. TOTALLY!!
this is what i saw in the mirror!
Well, magic mushrooms can have that effect. it was an interesting journey to say the least.
thanks for your comment. :)
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did you discover this aspect of your being before or while on mushrooms? I guess you've known your whole life, huh? reptilianism is such a curious thing. I wish y'all could just expose yourselves
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im thinking im just figuring out this game called life as i go along, but i do feel a sense of purpose,and also a feeling of one half of me being different. i also feel not all reptilian entities are bad(whats the definition of bad anyway? ,just i discovered when i took some mushrooms one time.the duality was as one whole entity.i saw pretty much saw what i painted. but who knows? reality is multi-layered thing. it felt real to me at that moment...and just in case you don't know...i also advise mushrooms should be researched first before taking(know what you're taking!and why!). it can be a life changing want to make sure you're in a good state of mind, in a safe place (late in the night so nobody's going to disturb your journey is good.)and maybe a guide.someone who has taken them before ,or a friend that you feel comfortable must be prepared. good mellow music is nice. get in touch with yourself. like the shamans of old.our ancestors.nature is the best for we are nature.the vaults of erowid is a great site to research on this kind of thing. ..
visser3sEmpriss's avatar
I agree,maby not all reptilians are bad and there just diffrent. i feel a deeper conection to reptiles when i found out about the reptilians i cant realy explain it.. but i think i was inspired by them and i find myself wareing snake skin,dragon pendents, dragons blood oil and salimander oil, and clothes that have reptiles and or dragons on it and now i draw reptilians too!!
visser3sEmpriss's avatar
oh i forgot to write great pic i love it!!
visser3sEmpriss's avatar
i mean add.. oops GREAT PIC ILOVE IT!
SteveGriffith's avatar
You should try Ayahuasca. Though you might have to go to the amazon jungle. ;). It was eye opening for me, more in the sense I learned to trust my intuition by seeing it strengthened temporarily. Though I didn't like how it nullified certain energies. Hard to explain that one.

This is very cool. I agree that not all reptilians have to necessarily be bad. There could also be different species. The Convoluted Universe book series (book 2 I think).. touches on the "good" reptilians, but they were from the distant future, I guess in one timeline the reptilians evolved.

I'm wondering if you ever look in the mirror and see something like this in your 3rd eye?
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I wouldn't suggest going from mushrooms to Ayahuasca....DMT IS the most intense hallucinogen out there! If they want a mind changing experience I could possibly see someone trying mushrooms, but Ayahuasca is a little too intense for anyone who doesn't know anything about it. I have some at home but I'm too scared to try it just yet. I don't feel I'm ready. What is The Convoluted Universe book about, if you don't mind? I've never heard of that before....

and this painting is mind blowingly amazing btw.
SteveGriffith's avatar
Convoluted universe is a book series of stories recorded using hypnosis on people to recall other lives, it's great.

As for dmt, it's rather interesting and i bet you or not many people know this but out of the psychedelics psilocybin is the closest chemicaly to pure DMT. Psilocybin gets broken down by the body, losing the phosphorus and becomes 'psilocin', which is the same molecule as DMT only it has one extra oxygen. Cool eh?

So mushrooms, pure dmt, and ayahuasca are comparible but ayahuasca has the leafy compoment of MAO inhibiters to slow the body's process of breaking down chemicals. Combine an MAOI plant with mushrooms and then you probably got ayahuasca! Only as mushroom soup, ha.

Mono-amino oxide inhibiters, i think that's what it's called. Ayahuasca has the vine, which is most of the DMT, and the leaves of this tree are the maoi component. I made some in the amazon, good times!
bridgetanne7's avatar
Amazing. My boyfriend has told me these things but I have some type of short term memory loss....but amazing nonetheless. Thank you! I'll have to check that book out sometime.
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This is pretty wicked. Very well done.
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