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" SuzuSaku Icon by Thot-ShopWelcome to Meme Hell Bois SuzuSaku Icon by Thot-Shop"

*Dravina | 25 | They/Them or Her/She*

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Sakurayu PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2*Current Main OCs* Suzuya PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2

Events Entering:
WSF Christmas 2018 [Closed]Everyone who commented in time has been replied to and approved.
Solrosy will be sending out assignments soon, so keep an eye out for those notes!
Sorry about the late start this year ;u;
I'm sure some of you have already seen todoroki-touya's Winxmas Exchange!. I've already spoken with her about it and she's totally okay with us running the event out of this group instead. The confusion is entirely my fault for not saying anything earlier, anyways.
And a reminder as we go into the last day, as long as you comment before the deadline, you will be accepted even if I haven't had a chance to reply to you yet.
Anyone who was asked to make changes and did not do so before the deadline will be given an additional twelve hours to do so.
Bullet; Red To be able to enter, you must join this group as a member.
Bullet; Green Your wish list should
SS2018: Time is running out to sign-up!UPDATE: Today is the last day to sign up for the Secret Santa 2018 event. Sign-ups will close tonight at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time. If you're still interested, get your wishlist entries in or you could be dropped from the event.
Hello again, everyone! :wave:
I want to remind you that this year's Secret Santa 2018 event has finally broken 500 participants (and counting) this year, but just barely! :w00t::heart:
As of this writing right now, this event current has 502 participants! Really incredible work so far! :love:
However, for anyone who is still interested, time is really running out to sign-up for this year's Secret Santa 2018 event! I will stop accepting anymore wishlist submissions this upcoming Sunday night at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time. We're been trying so hard to get so many participants to sign-up this year, but we could be falling short of the all-record set last year.
It only takes a few minutes to write down what you would like for Ch
Xmas Gifts { Gifting Event }*Edit*
I messed up the wording in part of it OOF
I wanted to say it would be great that if you got gifts outside of mine that you attempt to do something for someone else as well : , D I'm awful at typing
hello everyone; this year I set aside time around Xmas from my job and since no family is coming to town during Dec ( or at least they aren't planning to )
I thought this would be a good year to start the group wide Xmas sharing <3
if your interested please make a wish list ( with Stuff and OCs related to the group ) your wish list can have anything on it so long as the OCs in the wish list are part of this group
as the admin and owner of the group I will be doing at least 1 item per everyone's wish list ( who makes one ) everyone else is free to also make things from people's wish list
its the season of giving and I can't think of a more deserving bunch for gifts <3
I would ask that if you receive something from someone else from your wish list you at least do 1 thing from anot

*Page credits/Birthdays*


Art and Pixels by me





*Upcoming New OCs* Dravina x Yoosung Icon by Thot-Shop

Kakegurui OC ( Paired with other OC )
Kakegurui OC ( Paired with other OC )
Kakegurui OC ( sister/single )

Gifts I owe Zack X Mary Icon by Thot-Shop


Sakurayu PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2 *Weekly Watcher Feature: Exempdent * Suzuya PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2

He's an amazing person; always ready to chat about Ocs or artwork; my talks with him have never been negative; nothing bad to say about such a wonderful gentleman <3

Check out his artwork:
Rain Cat: Owner - PickleKids by Exempdent:thumb770556784: Twisted Matriach Concept Art: Something's Here. by Exempdent

Sakurayu PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2 *OC of the Week: Plantress:BNHA:Hikari* Suzuya PageDoll - Commission by animegirl77-2

i had to pick Hikari for the first official one in a long ass time *__*
I love her personality and the unique yet still fairy-tale feel of her mixture of fairies and crystals is to die for <33

all around a very lovely that deserves much more praise <3

Mature Content

[BnHA OC] Private moment by Plantress
[BnHA OC fic] Meet and Greet
In which Diamond Pixie has her first solo event,and Iida Tensei shows up to offer encouragement after it.
There was a horde out there. Hundreds of people.   All gathered there in front of the stage in an energetic mob.  Even though Hikari’s perch was far up in an aerial platform away from the stage, the murmur and occasional shriek from the throng was audible. Her sweat-damp hand gripped her staff a little tighter and she tried to ignore the way her heart was pounding in her chest.  This was nothing, was the one thing she kept repeating in her mind like a mantra.  She had faced villains, disasters and gruesome injuries before.  Ordinary, everyday people should not be causing her this much terror.  She glanced over at the PR manager that was standing next to her.
“That’s…” she said, her voice squeaking slightly before she cleared her throat and tried again, “that’s kind of a big crowd, isn&
[BnHA OC] Nice talking with youThe air tasted of ash, dust, and who knew what else. Hikari  tried to swallow, but she could still taste it coating the back of her throat. Stupid villains and their stupid electricity quirks and their explosions…   Right now this block of the city looked like a war zone.  At least one building was half collapsed, the building next to it didn’t look to be in the best shape either and parts of the elementary school campus nearby had been damaged.
At least the villains responsible had been captured,  trussed up and were being hauled off to jail to answer for their crimes. That was where most of the attention was focused at the moment, and for once she was actually glad of that.  She’d made an appearance for the cameras when the media had first turned up, but since she hadn’t been directly involved in the capture they didn't’ want to talk to her yet.  Her team’s PR might not be pleased about that, but since they were

Mature Content

Day 2/90: Hikari x Tensei  { Smut } by Thot-Shop


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