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TWWM Website Status

Hey guys, Xaishi checking in! The purpose of this journal will be for keeping up with updates on website progress.
In 2019 we brought the possibility of making a companion site to the community and during that discussion, we found out about Lorekeeper by @/Corowne. In a tiny nutshell, it is a template for setting up an ARPG website. To avoid reinventing the wheel and to save on cost, we decided it would be best to sit tight and wait for the public release. Now that it's out, website construction has begun!

Bullet; Green If you'd like a refresher or maybe haven't heard about the site yet, you can find the full in-depth info here: TWWM Website Proposal

As a reminder, the game will still be played on DA!
The site is not meant to replace DA, but rather will be used to make point tracking and general gameplay organization significantly easier for everyone involved. We would also like to condense all of our offsite pages (the calculator and Weebly) onto this new site so players will be able to find all the game's info in one place. To summarize, we would eventually like the website to handle:
• Player profiles & trackers
• Esk trackers & masterlist database
• Player milestone trackers (levels, TF slots, etc)
Depending on how everything shapes up, we would ideally like to have even more handy features but the above are our current priority.

And lastly, thank you!
All the group donations we've received are what will make this possible. Thanks to all of you, we should be able to cover a big chunk of our initial costs and we couldn't be more thankful. green heart bullet
The money will be used solely to support the game, including adapting Lorekeeper to TWWM's specific needs, domain and hosting fees, as well as occasional DA fees such as keeping the Super Group subscription active.
If you'd like to continue to help support us, our Ko-fi can be found here!


With Eclipse on the horizon, will TWWM ever fully transition to the website?
It ultimately boils down to having to wait and see. We may try to add more features to the site if Eclipse is just too unmanageable in those areas, but a full transition is another beast entirely. There would be a lot more we'd have to figure out in terms of how to handle all the additional features a full standalone site would need, not to mention how much more funding it might require - all that on top of ongoing monthly fees (which would increase due to higher traffic) just to keep everything running and so on. And at that point we're probably looking at having to form an LLC business which is a whole 'nother can of worms in and of itself.


April 24th, 2020

My (Xaishi's) partner is currently setting up the foundation of what we'll need for the site. He's looking into hosting and working on getting automation to run a secure webserver.

It also just occurred to me I don't think I've ever mentioned him in regard to site construction. So, for transparency: he is a Director of DevOps employed in the industry and oversees similar deployments as part of his day-to-day. He will be doing the initial setup for us, though the rest remains to be seen depending on his time constraints and the nature of the remaining work involved. While he is familiar with web development, he primarily does infrastructure work (servers etc), which is where hiring a separate coder may come in depending on how we might want to expand upon what Lorekeeper gives us out of the box.

He is helping us pro-bono.

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wolfpowder's avatar
So happy to see this come to life! :heart: Kudos on your partner and all staff who are working so hard. 
1ore's avatar

+1 big ups to your partner, Chee. How kind of him to help out a bunch of strangers pro bono ;m; Excited for this!!

Xaishi's avatar
<33 I am truly spoiled to have him in my life haha.
Alphabaetafish's avatar

Ahhh how exciting! Send all our thanks to staff and Xaishi's partner for all their hard work!!!

hitodama89's avatar
Good to hear the website project is still going on, especially now when the traditional dA layout soon ceases to exist!
Xaishi's avatar
Man no kidding. Lorekeeper couldn't have dropped at a more opportune time, haha.
tayleaf's avatar

Sounds amazing!! I'm so excited for all of this and I'm here to help with whatever you might need!

Xaishi's avatar
We appreciate that! ;o; <3
Chaccra's avatar
I‘m really looking forward the website!;D
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