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There are sites here in the Conservatory that will aid you - go find them, receive their gifts. After all, this place was built for you. Consider these landmarks an offering from those who came before you... and perhaps take them as inspiration for your own goodwill. They are still being crafted all over the Conservatory to this day. You can help them, if you wish, by leaving gifts for others or by being an architect. We must support each other, it's why we are here. We have all lost so much, but we still have so much to give.

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Wellspringtext by witherlings

The Wellsprings are important, interconnected landmarks in the Conservatory that have been built by esk in collaboration with each other. Esk visit these locations and leave what they can and take what they need. Some visitors contribute to their construction and others leave gifts for others. Visitors in need of help can visit these sites and receive strength from those who have left their gifts and blessings. There are Wellsprings all over the Conservatory that all look unique. Usually they have a theme to their design and may be inspired by a specific biome or boundary. All esk can contribute to or benefit from the Wellsprings; this place belongs to everyone in the Conservatory.
Players are encouraged to design their own Wellspring Landmarks in artwork and writing! Wellspring artwork and writing receive the 20AP Conservatory bonus.

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Crystal How to use the Wellsprings

The Wellsprings are a source of gifts and wish-fulfillment. They are open to all players and there are no requirements to participate. Anyone can come to the Wellspring and make a wish where you can request anything within the TWWM world. Maybe you would like new story collaborations for your esk, a dream MYO, a unique trait for an existing esk, or simply would like some artwork of your character... your wish is up to you!

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Wishes are granted by staff once each month. Every month will have 6 wishes granted at random by staff using a random number generator.
We now have an opportunity for players to guarantee that additional wishes are granted each month! Read the new section below for more information.

Please follow these rules when making a wish:

Sky Blue Dot Players may submit one wish each month.  Wish "cooldown" periods refresh on the 1st of every month, so you do not need to count out 30 days to make a new wish.
Sky Blue Dot Please reply to the current months featured wishing thread to make a wish !
Sky Blue Dot Wishes from previous months do not expire! They will continue to be eligible unless you hide them.
Sky Blue Dot If you wait to submit a new wish the next month, please try to wish for something new since your old wishes will still be available to be fulfilled.
Sky Blue Dot Wishes should not target specific players or artists. It is not appropriate to wish for another player to do something or ask for art from a specific artist — wishes should be general in nature.
Sky Blue Dot Please do not put a claim on a wish by stating you will grant it. If you would like to grant a wish, be it art, writings or performing a transformation, only reply to the wish once you have it completed and posted. For MYO related wishes, you will need to have the TF slot and GP available, thank you!
Sky Blue Dot Wishes for MYOs should not include concept art or speculative designs. Design reviews for granted MYO wishes are done privately by group note.
Sky Blue Dot MYO wishes that were granted can be gifted to another player if you have no more use of the wish. The MYO can not be traded, only gifted!
Sky Blue Dot You do not need to own an esk to make a wish! 

Sky Blue Dot One wish per comment please! 

Sky Blue Dot Wishes are randomly selected for fulfillment. Please be understanding if your wish has not been granted. We use random selection by player, so multiple comments will not affect the odds of wish fulfillment.  All players new and old have equal odds. witherlings also checks the Wellsprings to fulfill some wishes that may not be randomly selected, this is done occasionally to ensure that the Wellsprings is well-balanced in case the RNG selects lots of the same types of wishes in a row.
Sky Blue Dot If your wish is granted by staff or by other players, do not hide your comment! We will feature it to keep a record of granted wishes. 

Sky Blue Dot Misuse of this game feature will not be tolerated. This section of TWWM is all about generosity and kindness.  Spamming this page or ignoring the rules is unkind to others who are waiting patiently or fulfilling other players' wishes unselfishly. Misuse can result in having this privilege revoked.

Sky Blue Dot You cannot wish for Aura Points (AP)! AP is reserved as a reward for making submissions to the group and cannot be granted by the Wellsprings. If you wish for GP you will receive art or writing of the character — GP cannot be transferred directly to your character.


Reply here to make your September wish  •  Please follow the instructions in the comment thread
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Crystal Grant more wishes with your art, writing, and GP!

Your esk can create or visit a Wellspring to help give gifts to other esk in the Conservatory. Esk use up some of their energy when they manifest new structures, items, and decorations for the Wellsprings. With every creation or contribution, the Wellsprings gain more power to grant more wishes for any esk that visit them.

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Each month, a new comment thread will be made for players to post their Wellsprings artwork and writing

Sky Blue Dot Every month, players are invited to show esk building or contributing to various Wellsprings in the Conservatory. You can do this by creating or commissioning any type of artwork or writing that depicts an esk (or multiple esk) with a Wellspring.
Sky Blue Dot There are no minimum requirements for Wellsprings artwork or writing; sketches and poetry are acceptable. The main requirement is that your submission must have been created during that calendar month, and not re-used from prior months.
Sky Blue Dot You can read about the Conservatory's appearance, magic, and inhabitants on our Conservatory journal.
Sky Blue Dot Trades, commissions, and collaborations are all allowed (details below).
Sky Blue Dot Wellspring submissions must clearly show some sort of water-bearing or water-spouting structure, or other form of fountain (mud, lava, magical stuff, be creative!).  Beyond that, the design and components are entirely up to you!
Sky Blue Dot You can design a new Wellspring or you can show an esk bringing an item or new construction to an existing Wellspring created by other players. Any Wellsprings artwork or writing you create becomes part of the Conservatory canon and can be visited by other esk at any time.
Sky Blue Dot You are not required to include an esk in the artwork or writing - it's okay to just depict the Wellsprings alone if you prefer, but for story continuity we recommend including the esk that are giving GP.
Remember to submit Wellsprings artwork/writing to the Conservatory gallery folder and claim the Conservatory AP and GP bonuses!

When you create Wellsprings artwork and writing you can have one of your esk contribute Growth Points to a monthly wishing pool

Sky Blue Dot When your esk builds or contributes to a Wellspring, they can spend some of their existing GP to empower the Wellsprings. All of the Wellsprings in the Conservatory are connected by the magic flowing through them, so the energy given at one Wellspring helps energize the entire network to grant more wishes all across the Conservatory. 
Sky Blue Dot The more GP your esk spends while building the Wellsprings, the more wishes they are able to help grant each month.
Sky Blue Dot You must provide a link to your Wellsprings art/writing for that month in order to give GP - you cannot give GP to the Wellsprings without a submission.
Sky Blue Dot The esk donating GP to the Wellsprings pool does not need to be depicted in your submission, but the esk giving GP does need to be an esk that belongs to you — you cannot have other players' characters give GP on your behalf.
Sky Blue Dot If the artwork/writing is a commission then both the buyer and artist can use it to give GP to the Wellsprings; if the submission is a collaboration then all contributors can use it to give GP to the Wellsprings. Please make separate replies when more than one person is involved in a Wellsprings submission.
Sky Blue Dot You can donate any amount of GP and you can combine GP from multiple esk you own with one submission. The GP you earn from your Wellsprings submission can also be put toward your GP contribution!


An additional wish will be granted for every 100GP contributed by players each month!

Sky Blue Dot On the 1st day of each month the comment thread will close and the GP contributions will be tallied up by staff, then a new comment thread will open for the new month.
Sky Blue Dot For every 100GP we tally we will roll an extra wish for that month and any leftover GP will roll over to the next month. (Example: if there is 325GP at the end of the month, 3 extra wishes will be granted and the next month will start with 25GP.)


Current GP in the Wellsprings: 0GP

Reply here to contribute GP  •  Please follow the instructions in the comment thread
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Crystal Wellsprings Treasures

Spring Water by Esk-Masterlist

Spring water

This vessel is filled with cool, invigorating water from the Wellsprings.
Make a wish at the Wellsprings

Old Tarot Card by Esk-Masterlist

Old tarot card

The card is worn and battered but indicates that new growth and abundance are in the future.
Grant a wish at the Wellsprings

  Talisman by Esk-Masterlist


You may feel inspired to seek out its meaning and original owner.
Submit art or writing depicting the Wellsprings

Crystal Giving back

Esk that visit the Wellsprings take what they need and give what they can. If you look through the comments here and see a wish that you have the time or means to fulfill, we invite you to answer their request!

If we all give a little then all of our wishes can come true!

There is no form to fill out for requesting wishes.  You can make your request in any format you like!
If you no longer want your wish, please hide your original comment.

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Reply here with your wish for the month of September.

When making a new wish, remember that the wishes from the previous months do not expire, so make sure to wish for something different!


  • One wish per player.

  • Wishes from previous months do not expire!

  • You do not need to own an esk to make a wish.

  • Wishes should not target a specific player.

  • You can not wish for Aura Points (AP)

  • Please do not claim wishes

  • Please inform us if you have changed usernames!