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The Wanderers are TWWM's non-player characters (NPC). These characters are available for you to draw, write about, and include in your esk's story. They also have unique stories linked to the Greenhouse and special prompts available that can help players integrate their characters into the TWWM lore. We also have a new Wanderer Prompts feature that allows you to use NPC with your Transformation slots. The stories written in the NPC pages are intended to help you give these characters a meaningful presence in your creative works. If you do not own an esk yet and want to raise your player level you can draw or write about the NPC to earn Aura Points, but NPC do not earn Growth Points. 

Please read the Wanderers lore pages before using them in your artwork and stories!

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Long Sprout NPC Basics

Please honor the concepts we have provided by maintaining the characters' integrity, appearance, and lore. 

There is a +20AP  bonus for using NPC in your art or writing! 

Read about the bonus here, it does not stack.
Interaction bonuses apply to any esk interacting with NPC, but does not apply to the NPC itself. 

Long Sprout NPC Introductions

Sprout 2 000 is the first esk

000 is like a grandmother to all of the esk that followed. Esk can visit her in the Conservatory to ask her questions and hear her stories.

New Growth ButtonSprout 2 The Abnormal Wanderers: 000-I and 000-II

The Abnormal Wanderers are known to other esk as the Luminaries, Ist and Nor. They reside deep in the Conservatory and little is known about them, you can read more about the Luminaries here.
More about the Luminaries will be revealed... 

Sprout 2 The Biome Wanderers: 000-III through 000-X

The Biome Wanderers are the first esk created by 000 in a time before the Biomes were fully formed. They watched the Earth develop and as they settled into different environments they took on forms that suited the changing landscape. These Wanderers are the only esk who have the entire Biomes as their Boundaries. They are free to roam anywhere in their Biome without losing any of their features or power. They never leave their Biomes as they are too attached to their home environment, but they may occasionally be seen in areas where Biomes overlap. They also do not visit the Conservatory.

Each Biome has its own Wanderer. They are not necessarily guardians or rulers of their Biome, they all have their own personalities and purposes. These Wanderers are not Abnormals, they are normal Travelers and Trespassers. Each Biome Wanderer possesses an elemental power that they can pass on to other esk and they also can do transformations on humans, animals and esk. They can also give Abnormal Transformations to esk that wish to change their origin or boundary and biome.

Biome Wanderers are also the creators of the MYOs obtained through the Greenhouse and can be used in transformations by completing Wanderer Prompts (below).

Sprout 2 Event NPC

Some events will have special characters introduced as part of the quests and stories, you can find them in the NPC folder within the Esk-Masterlist.

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Long Sprout Using NPC in your stories

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You do not have to ask permission before using TWWM NPC in your artwork, writing, and character stories. If you want to tell a story that is exclusively about an NPC that's okay too! Thank you for helping us develop these characters and expanding the esk canon.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You can use Biome Wanderers to provide backstory for how your character obtained elemental powers. 
Biome Wanderers can pass their element on to other esk, if you obtain an elemental power from the Energy Exchange you are allowed to create a story about your esk receiving that power from one of these NPC.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You may use Biome Wanderers in your Origin Prompts. They can be the esk that transformed your character as long as they have the same Biome, and provided that your esk wasn't created by an existing esk character using a Transformation. Please try to retain the NPC lore when integrating them into your character histories.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! The Biome Wanderers do not appear in the Conservatory. They never leave their Biomes so please do not depict them in the Conservatory or tell stories about them there; it contradicts their personalities.

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New Growth ButtonLong Sprout Wanderer Prompts and Transformations

Wanderer prompts provide a new way for players to use their transformation slots. If you do not own an esk to do a Transformation with, or if you prefer to have a new esk created by the Wanderers instead of an esk you own, these prompts will provide you an opportunity to have a Wanderer be the creator when you do a Transformation. Wanderer Prompts can be completed by any TWWM players at any player level but the transformations are still unlocked normally at Blossom, Tree, Nature Spirit, and at AP milestones beyond Nature Spirit.

To check out more information about the Wanderer Prompts, and the prompts themselves, visit The Wanderer Transformations journal.

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