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Stafftext by witherlings

A more detailed look at the departments within our staff team.
Please know that all our staff are happy to help in any way, and positions may overlap due to availability.

Long Sprout Masterlist Management

Sprout 2 dualscepters, aHorseForEverySeason and Kynthesis 

These members of our team assist with maintaining our masterlist. They are the ones handling our spirit renewals, biome signups, and ownership transfers. Keeping it up to date and streamlined is their main goal.

Long Sprout Curator

These members are the ones tasked with keeping our front page managed and spruced. They organize the monthly features and prompts from pools of staff suggestions, as well as working to ensure that our front page remains current and with rotating artwork from various sources. Working closely with our volunteers and community at large, they collect and organize various donations for multiple purposes around the group (events, pages, etc). Please feel free to direct donation applications to them.

Long Sprout Outreach

Sprout 2  vlpn, KaijuRomance, nybird , W001F , and Rokkudaunn 

These team members handle the greater portion of our community help and guidance. They help with scoring assistance, all sorts of questions, and assisting newcomers in our group. They are available to any player for any kind of help you may need. Handling the majority of askstaff as well as community suggestions, they are our eyes and ears into the community to help us keep a finger on the pulse of what's going on and how best to incorporate your ideas!

Long Sprout MYO Gardeners

Sprout 2  norree, erasvita and glitterghostie 

These team members are responsible for that feature you all know and love, nurseries! They organize and produce our nursery lists on a timeline as agreed upon through the group. They also handle the curating of our Story MYOs, helping to further develop the feature and create our story lines. Handling claims for starters/Story MYOs and approving their designs once posted is also an important part of the job,

Long Sprout New Growth

Sprout 2  snoodls, yue-gui, fiachmara, Kiire, callmeFlo, Alphabaetafish, dinstraction

These team members are helping in the creating of our TWWM world at whole. They handle writing quest prompts as well as our Story MYOs stories and prompts. Adding to and developing  our NPC list is also among their job duties, including managing the Ask 000 feature. On the bookkeeping side of things, they review our Energy Exchange requests and Transformation requests.

Long Sprout Founder

Sprout 2 witherlings 

Our fearless leader! They handle everything and anything, including managing the rest of the staff! Their finger is in about every pot and they are the lifeblood that makes esk and TWWM the group we all have come to adore.
witherlings is currently on hiatus, so please forward all suggestions, feedback, and ideas for overall game development to the rest of staff.

Secondary Roles

These are secondary roles and can be handled by any team member who volunteers if needed.

Long Sprout Raffles

Xaishi, CalikiTayaRavena 

Handle all of TWWM raffles, including but not limited to assigning raffle tickets, rolling winners, and distributing prizes.

Long Sprout Submission Review

Sprout 2  vlpn , Caliki, callmeFloKiire and TayaRavena 

Review submissions and advertisements, ensuring they meet all requirements and are sorted into proper folders.

Staff applications

Staff applications are currently closed — we are not seeking any additional team members at this time.
When we are seeking new staff members we will announce it in the blog, please do not send inquiries unless we have requested applications, it is harder to track inquiries that do not arrive during open application periods and we do not want your messages to get overlooked.
TWWM is volunteer-run and all staff members are donating their time to running the group. These roles are unpaid positions. As thanks for their service witherlings may offer staff members the following gifts.

Summary of available staff rewards:
• 1 free MYO per year
• Ability to place their esk in the queue at a given time to have a specific number 
• May be scheduled as guest artists (please note: staff sales are not held to the same rules as regular guest artist sales)

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Thank you guys for doing all you do! I know it has to be stressful sometimes. So thanks everyone!