Summer Eskpedition Mini Event! (Extended!)

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Summer Eskpedition

This event has ended.

What do migratory birds, the ocean, and rocks have in common?  All three are recognized in little-known summer holidays that we are going to celebrate in a month-long activity!  As flowery spring turns to sweltering summer we thought we would give some love to the environment and our feathered friends who live there.  This activity involves three prompts that are inspired by these summer holidays and those who complete all three will receive an Energy Exchange voucher for one free enchanted familiar that is native to one of the biomes depicted in your prompts.
This is intended to be a fun, low-pressure activity.  We will have another large event in the fall, so stay tuned!

Birds, water, and rocks, oh my!

What are the holidays that we're celebrating, anyway?
May 11th is International Migratory Bird Day!  This day was founded in an effort to raise awareness of the interlinked nature of the world's biomes and is celebrated by birdwatching, studying birds, adopting birds, and educating current and future bird owners about their proper care.  May 11th may have passed, but it's never too late to get outside and listen to some birdsong!
June 8th is World Oceans Day!  This day marks the launch of many new ocean-related campaigns, initiatives, and events at aquariums and is celebrated by coastal explorations; aquatic and beach cleanups; educational and conservation program; and drives for sustainable seafood.  Even if there is no ocean nearby, we can still celebrate the world's water and its necessity for life!
July 13th is International Rock Day!  They make up the earth's outer layer, have been essential to human civilization, and some are super shiny!  Rock day isn't really celebrated... but now it will be!  Because rocks rock!

Leaf Gem  Activity Information

Prompt Requirements

• Art entries must have flat coloring, a full body esk, and a vignette background at a minimum.
• Written entries must be 500 words long at a minimum.
• At least one stone must be visibly featured in the prompt number three: create environmental art featuring an esk.
• You can complete the prompts multiple times and in any order, but the EE voucher can only be earned once per player.
• You do not have to use your own esk.
• If you need help scoring a craft, please note the group.
• Collaborations and commissions are not allowed for this activity.
• All prompts can be done in any medium. 

Leaf Gem Prompts

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!  Depict an esk with a migratory bird

The weather is getting warm and there are thousands of avian species flying to their lush nesting grounds to lay, hatch, and care for their chicks. Migration carries high risks from predators, hunger, and dangerous unknown terrain as they fly several thousand miles to reach their goal.
Has your esk had to travel to see these passing birds, or do they fly over their boundary each year? Do they stop nearby to rest and say hello? Would your esk give a bird a helping hand?

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!  Show an esk with a deep body of water

Your esk doesn't need to be from the marine biome to celebrate World Oceans Day--whether they're in a tiny ornamental pond in a city garden, a vast still lake covered with thick ice, or the mysterious black depths of the ocean, water is essential for every biome's ecosystems.
Has your esk ever swum in the open ocean? Have they ever let themself drift down a calm stream? Would they pick out litter from where its caught in the current? Or is your esk afraid of water?  What treasures have they found beneath the surface?

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!  Create environmental art featuring an esk, or depict an esk creating environmental art

Take yourself or your esk on a walk out into the world, be it open plains, thick forest, or downtown, and find some rocks to make art with! Maybe you could find the perfect stone to paint an esk on; arrange pebbles with leaves and twigs to create the image of an esk on a forest floor; or show your esk creating a self portrait rock sculpture using river stones! 
Please note: When creating real environmental art, please be considerate of nature and be careful to not harm plants or disturb animals

Please submit your prompt entries to our Events folder! 

Leaf Gem  Treasures and Badge

Collect these treasures by completing the corresponding prompts!

    Vibrant feathers by Esk-Masterlist

Vibrant Feathers

It seems they were left behind just for you.
Complete the Migratory Bird Day prompt.

  Shell Bottle by Esk-Masterlist

Bottle of Shells

They're all different shapes and colors, a perfect collection
Complete the World Oceans Day prompt.

Painted Stones by Esk-Masterlist

Painted Pebbles

These chalk patterns will never smudge
Complete the Rock Day prompt.

Eskursion Achievement by Esk-Masterlist
complete any of the above prompts to obtain this badge

Leaf Gem  Prizes

Players who complete all three prompts will receive an EE voucher for one free enchanted familiar.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Only one EE voucher can be claimed, regardless of the amount of times that the prompts are completed.
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! The enchanted familiar must be native to one of the biomes depicted in your three prompts.  If your Migratory Birds prompt is in the Fresh Water biome, your World Oceans Day prompt is in the Mountain biome, and your Rock Day prompt is in the Forest biome, then you can select any one familiar from the Fresh Water, Mountain, or Forest biome.
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! The biome of the familiar does not have to match the biome of the esk it belongs to.
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! The voucher can be redeemed for any esk that you own, at any time in the future.

Click here  for the comment thread where you can claim your prize!


All linked entries should be submitted by 11PM EST on June 30

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