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Creating the TWWM game and community is a collaborative effort! We are here to listen and work together to make this group the best it can be. The TWWM team will take all of your suggestions into consideration and implement changes that we feel best serve the group as a whole. 

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Muninnn's avatar

My suggestion would be an ask the community channel in discord. I’ve seen it in a lot of other community discords and it’s great for new players who have lots of simple questions about lore and game mechanics. It would probably lead to less repetative questions in ask staff, leaving that channel for more specific questions that haven’t been asked before.

Latei's avatar

I think caves are something that have been overlooked in this game and that they should be recognized in some way. Either through the creation of a new biome (recognizing the fact that caves often have their own ecosystems, unique animals and sometimes even their own weather systems. Downsides would be the relatively small percentage of the actual earth they take up, and perhaps a lack of variety of nature features depending on if you want to classify the entrance zone as part of the biome) or through the creation of a new morph (potential traits: albino, bio-luminescence, glowing markings, elongated limbs, eyeless (although I think eyeless would definitely have to be a optional trait if put in since people may have phobias/uncomfortable-ness of eye stuff), or maybe both and just have the morph be for boundaries in the dark zone of the caves.

dragonight1993's avatar

I'm not sure if this has been a Nursery list theme yet or not but how about a shade loving NF theme like plants and fungi that you find in darker places.

MooreArtByLucy's avatar

This is less a suggestion for the play of the group, but the readability of the journals...

This is such an involved and highly developed "program" and there is lots of little nuances all over the place. Trying to find information sometimes feels a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. To make matters a bit more of a frustration or struggle there are many places in the journals which have black text on top of dark gray background. This makes it hard to read, especially for people who have darker monitors than others.

I'm suggesting either maybe change the color of the text so it's more readable, or add a link to a plain text document or the proper page on the website so it's easier to find the information elsewhere.

I often find I have to highlight text to be able to see what I am missing, and that's only when I realize I am missing something - not sure what I have scrolled past looking for something that might be referenced in there....

I have attached a screenshot of one of the places:

Points Journal With Black On Dark Grey
Highlighting Showing Missed Text

That text seems like some pretty important stuff that could easily be "missed". Now I knew something was there because of the weird gaps, but that won't always be the case and could be problematic or frustrating for people - especially new players.

I know the journals are kind of broken (especially for editing) since Eclipse, so that's why I am suggesting either linking a plain text Stash or Google Doc, or putting an easy link to the right page on the website.

SheeJrainboH's avatar

Hello I was wondering how many points it would cost if I made a costume of my esk and if there could be categories for costumes of esks

KaijuRomance's avatar

Hey, not sure what you mean with how many points it would cost to make a suit. Suits fall under crafting category under our points system! The amount of points you earn will depend on various factors when it comes to crafting c:

Hope this helps clear it up!

Wishful-Krissy's avatar

I'm new to the group but I've spent the last few hours just wrapped up in everything that's been created here. And I just gotta say it's so thought out and really refreshing! I've been in many CS groups but seeing this one has really set the bar high! You guys actually make it fun to interact and give members countless things to do and a easy way to work themselves into the lore.

One little thing I noticed was it took me abit to find it was a cs group. Normally they have it on the front page but with some poking around I did find it haha

Please keep up the amazing work ♥

EvangelineEvee's avatar

Suggestion for the Discord. Add an extra VC channel.

I haven't been here very long, but atleast once there has been someone that wanted to stream their art progress but didn't feel right doing so while someone else was already streaming etc.

tayleaf's avatar

I think it would be amazing if at the bottom of each ID, for nursery or GH ect, if it would credit the staff members who helped build that ID! it seems to be something a lot of ppl are really excited to learn, and knowing who helped plant the seed for an esk is super cool!

1ore's avatar

ohhhhh +1 for staff who are comfortable with this! I love knowing who I have to thank when I pick up a baller ID C^':

Daychorus's avatar

Badge/Treasure given to an esk once they reach 4000 lifetime GP "Lifetime Achievement Award"

1ore's avatar

I submitted this to the feedback box, but I have no idea if my script blocker ate it bahahahahaha! So, I am putting it here just in case. Just wanted to echo that an "ask for pronouns" role on the discord would be cool, since we have an "other" option for language as well : -) thanks for hearing it and take care out there!

KaijuRomance's avatar

Thanks for the feedback 1ore!

I tried adding that role yesterday, unfortunately new roles can not be added in anymore. As existing messages can't be edited. I would need to redo the entire roles channel to add it. Sorry about not being able to add it in :c

1ore's avatar

AW thanks so much for reaching out! I know roles were kind of a pain to set up the first time around so I appreciate you giving it a try, seriously :' -) no worries + good to know for the future! Thanks again!

Kyuuyula's avatar

Another, much appreciated, idea: Origin Prompts especially for Abnormal Esk that didn't get a second Transformation but where a plant, item, etc..

Would be nice to have some additional pompts for those types too.

Kyuuyula's avatar

New Morphs? Because it'd be lovely to have more~

Tree-Top Morph (Forest and Developed Biome)

Squirrel-like appearance; requires Flexible Tail and can optionally have Bold Markings and/or Stripes for free (to allow for some stripes and whatnot to mimic squirrels and similar creatures like a Sugar Glider maybe?)

Jungle Morph (Forest biome)

Tucan-insipred morph!

Bright Mask is a requirement for sure, maybe add Bold Markings and Stripes/Unusual Markings as a requirement too to make sure the designs match typical, eye-catching jungle creatures.

MAYBE, make it a demanded feature for only their heads and maybe necks to be intricate in markings and colourful while the body is plain and basically uncoloured? To match the Tucan idea some more.

Mountain Morph

Requirements: Goat-like anatomy, Stone/Mineral NFs located on head to mimic Stone-Horns of any sort, Shaggy, Manx OR Cropped Tail

Optional Traits: Bold Markings, Dark Mask

Other Info for this: Allow for small plants in addition to the stones/minerals that grow in mountains as long as they are smaller in coverage compared to stones/minerals (sorta like what the Rock Morph allows for). The idea was generally for them to mimic goats and sheep, but maybe someone can think of more things?

Domestic Morph


Any basic to uncommon trait collection maybe with one or two rare traits?

False Ears as well as Flexible and Cropped Tail should be a must have or at least optional traits tho, to ensure giving them the animal-like looks.

As well as a single (enchanted?) item. The idea of this would be to make a horse-like esk with a halter or maybe harness piece it always carries, a dog-like or cat-like esk with a collar or ribbon. Simple stuff that still allows for everyone to ensure seeing the pet-type and domesticated influence.

I'm not sure about the NFs for this one, but since it's Domestic I suppose it would be nice to demand a cultivar of some sort as an NF? Gotta appreciate the hard work of flower breeders~.

I've tried to come up with something for my beloved Arid biome, but all my ideas are too boring. Hopefully someon else might someday have a fancy idea for them. :'D

Bury-alive's avatar

it would be fun to have an activity a bit like a ''story where you're the hero'' but for the comunity.

Ex: a part of story would be vritten and we vould have four choices to vote. and then the story vould continue from the choice wich had the most votes. and maybe there could be some small reward that could appear from time to time from certain choices like gp or something like that.

Fairwren's avatar

More incentive to interact with featured esk/featured character.

Its a neat feature but i feel we could utilize it as a community better-

Perhaps a one-time GP bonus or AP bonus for drawing the esk of the month- it could be small, like 5gp, 5ap, or even as far as double AP, double GP, as its done with the Christmas exchange.

Mutually beneficial, inspires generosity, could boost engagement and make someone‘s month very special.

Daychorus's avatar

Very broad suggestions and, being a newer player I may be "reading the room" wrong

Suggestion: More late game content.

I feel as if a lot of late game players who have reached nature spirit wish they could experience "the grind" to get their again, because of this I feel late game content would be a great thing to add!


- Say at a very large AP goal, maybe 10,000 AP (due to current late game players already having a high AP score, and to make it a goal that can persist for a lengthy amount of time) Having a new player level. Im not quite sure what reward would be given would this goal be reached, but in general I feel that having this goal will be nice

- Prompts only accessible to players at Nature Spirit

- add more friend treasures for each 1000 AP

crowjpeg's avatar

Couple suggestions about the wanderers:

  1. Provide a color palette. I struggle with shaded references and have a ton of trouble figuring out what color they should be before adding shading. Or just providing an unshaded version of the main image

  2. Maybe some lines for the darker ones? I have visual snow which makes seeing dark things incredibly difficult (pic below is what it looks like when I'm looking at X). The darker it is the worse my VS is. Having some simple sketchy lines available would help me figure out their anatomy - I've had to redraw X multiple times because "ohhh THAT'S what his feet are supposed to look like???"

crowjpeg's avatar

Perhaps add on to the FAQ? There are tons of questions I've asked/seen others ask that could be super helpful to others especially if they aren't able to join the discord. It can also be a bit difficult to search the discord to see if anyone else has had a similar question. Or maybe I'm just truly blind and this is already a thing lol.

Syvaender's avatar

Since we had roles implemented in the discord server I would like to suggest a "it's ok to ping me" vs "don't ping me" role. I've noticed some people consider getting pinged to be rude and intrusive, meanwhile people like me are extremely forgetful and sometimes do not remember to check into channels that they posted something in again UNLESS they're being pinged. I used my personal user note to let people know that they can ping me whenever they want but I don't think anyone reads that. So a serverwide role to let people know your ping preferences would be super helpful c:

tayleaf's avatar

Hey all! <333 I wanted to make a small suggestion about nursery esks and the queue.

my thinking though is, i 100% understand how difficult life is and the workload and the extended 14 day grace period ect is so understandable,

but one aspect that is pecking at my mind is, Nursery esks and their queue.

For players who PLAY, and are in the game, and understand how it works, waiting a while is sometimes frustrating, but worth it. For brand new players who are ready to jump head first in and grab their new baby and start playing, I feel like waiting days for the process itself, and then waiting that long for it to even hit the masterlist, could literally make people lose interest and give up before they even get a chance to start.

What i'd be really excited to see, would be Nursery esks basically having a weighted queue, to where, when they'd be added to queue, they'd fall all the way down the list, and stack up there. at the very front of the queue with any other nursery esks.

Since people can only get one ever, it wouldn't be something they could abuse, and wouldnt even change the queue order by much at all, and I feel like it might help new players really get wrapped into the community with their excitement levels high still, AND also eliminate the stress of joining during an event, and fearing that an event might end before you even get to the ML.

AH, sorry for the text wall, maybe a small discussion about it would be nice, but I'd think lots of players might agree, that, the very first brand new baby that ppl can get, should sprout faster.

Sale esks that are sold to First Time Owners might be good for the same type of thing.

<3333 I know that the current wait time isn't optimal for you guys either, so i'm in no way trying to make a fuss about any of that. I just want people's first experiences within the group to be positive, exciting, and let them jump in without worry. :3

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