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Sprout 2 Your feedback is always welcome

Creating the TWWM game and community is a collaborative effort! We are here to listen and work together to make this group the best it can be. The TWWM team will take all of your suggestions into consideration and implement changes that we feel best serve the group as a whole. 

Sprout 2 Anonymous suggestions are also accepted

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Sprout 2 Positive feedback is ok!

It's also fine to comment here to let us know what you think has been successful! This will help us as we develop new features — thanks!

Please read before commenting:
Please be constructive. If you feel negatively about something in the group please include ideas about how it can be improved.

Please be considerate. It is not appropriate to complain about any members of the community, staff, or personal disputes. Comments should only be about how we can improve the group as a whole.

Please stay on topic. Cross talk is not permitted.

Please leave thoughtful comments. If you agree with another player's comment, please tell us why.

We may not respond, but we are reading! If you feel it is necessary to have a direct discussion with the staff please contact us on Discord or send us a group note.
Thank you!

Note: This page is for suggestions only — if you find a bug or error in the game, please send us a group note.

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Polish points like on a artfight! Sometimes you finish a piece and you just feel really proud of it and the Polish bonus is a nice way to feel like your effort is being recognized. AFAIK on af it’s any piece that you either spent a lot of time or effort on our are just generally proud of. Obviously this could potentially be abused but it seems like it would be pretty clear if someone was just putting it on everything randomly, and obviously staff have the power to ask people to change their scoring. I dunno what a fair ap or gp bonus would be