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This page is for a quick reference of submission guidelines for all our folders kept at TWWM. Please keep it handy if you ever have any questions regarding where something should be submitted. Staff may occasionally bump this journal if we feel like there has been an influx of incorrect submissions as a gentle reminder.
Reminder: Having your art/writing accepted into the group does not mean that the staff has verified your scoring. If you have incorrect scoring or missed any bonuses you may hear from us before or after it has been added to the group.

While mature themes are permitted in the group, we ask that graphic, explicit material  be kept outside of the TWWM group. You can create your own original stories and earn points for submissions with some of this subject matter, but in order to maintain a safe gallery space we need to ask that submissions that explicitly show the acts of self-harm, suicide, or drug overdose are logged in your own galleries or off-site without being submitted to the group. We also ask that all sensitive material created for TWWM is labeled with a warning in the title/link and description of the image, even if you will not be submitting it to the group gallery. If you are posting sensitive material and are unsure if this applies to you please send us a group note for advice, or when in doubt you can just take a cautious approach by keeping it in your logs without submitting to TWWM. Explicit work can be logged directly in your character trackers and player profile, but the pieces should be under a clearly labelled link rather than a thumbnail.
Example of an appropriately labelled link: Losing their way - TW: Self Harm.

Violence and horror themes are acceptable in artwork and stories, but other forms of NSFW artwork are not permitted. Please mark NSFW artwork accordingly.

For example, character death in general is not banned from the group gallery. In most cases it would be allowed so long as it has the appropriate mature filter and warning. This rule comes into play for pieces that are exceptionally graphic or could be considered distressing to the majority of players. Only a handful of art pieces fall into this category – generally 'dark' backstories are still allowed as they always were.

If you need assistance on how to correctly label sensitive material, please contact us via group note.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Featured

No artwork from members is allowed to be submitted here. It is strictly staff run and will feature adoptables and species information.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Artwork

Any TWWM/esk artwork not related to prompts, events, or contests can be submitted here. We ask that you do not submit any non related work, for it will be declined. Our folders are strictly for the TWWM ARPG.
Sketches/WIP: Any sketches or work in progress shots should be submitted here.
Beta Artwork: This folder contains an archive of artwork from the ARPG's beta stage. No new artwork should be submitted here.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Events

Any artwork related to the current ongoing quest of the group should be submitted here. Please be mindful that there may be a specific subfolder you are also required to submit within to keep entries into raffles, etc neat and easily accessed. Any subfolders within the events folder not related to the current quest are archives of prior events.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Monthly Prompts

Artwork related to monthly themes should be submitted into this folder. This can apply to the current month or previous months that are still available to submit to for their bonus. Please refer to the monthly prompts list for any additional info.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Origin Prompts

Artwork depicting any of our origin prompts needs to be submitted here to qualify for its bonus. Please refer to the origin prompts list for any additional info.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Creative Writing

Writing submissions not oriented towards a monthly/origin prompt should be submitted here. We ask that you do not submit any non related work, for it will be declined. Our folders are strictly for the TWWM ARPG.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Conservatory

Any artwork, including writing submissions, that deal specifically with depicting the conservatory should be submitted here to be applicable for its bonus. Please refer to the conservatory reference page for information and qualifications. 

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Player Profiles

Player profiles (required for gameplay) should be submitted here. This includes profiles that combine both player profile and character trackers. Please reference the newcomers guide for any additional info.
Character Trackers: All esk are required to have a character tracker to participate in the ARPG. To be approved, each character tracker must include the esk's biome (sign up here).  Character trackers can be hosted off site so long as a link can be provided so staff may check it.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Advertisements

You may submit any journals or images that involve advertisements directly related to TWWM. This includes YCHs, Esk Commissions, Art Trades, Request Journals and more.
Anything unrelated to the ARPG will not be accepted. Please be aware that any adverts not pertaining to TWWM, seeking to trade character mods, or points are not allowed.
Esk Sales & Trades: Journals involving the Trading, Reselling or Swapping of Esk should be submitted to this specific subfolder.
Seeking Esk: Journals that are Seeking or Buying Esk should be submitted to this specific subfolder. 
Activities & RP Postings: Invitations to activities, RP, and livestream postings should be submitted to this specific subfolder.
Transformations: Journals relating to transformations [seeking TF partners, offering TF raffles, seeking origin esk, etc] should be submitted to this specific subfolder.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout NPC Pages   

This folder is strictly for character information and official images of the NPCs of TWWM. No submissions will be accepted, and any artwork depicting the NPCs should be submitted to artwork or creative writing.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Esk

All approved and official esk are featured in this gallery. They are sorted by biome in the subfolders. Please do not submit to this folder as it is staff run and organized.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Resources

Free to use resources are gathered here for our players. This can include bases, badges, and profile decorations and templates. You are welcome to submit to this folder as a member, but it may be declined if staff feel it is not representative of the group.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous artwork that is not being used for AP/GP art gains but you are wishing to share with the community can be submitted here. This can include art challenges, memes, or esk depicted with non-canon characters.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to note the group!
– senka-shadow

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