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Update your masterlist image

When you add character modifications and traits to your Esk in the Energy Exchange they are expending some of their power in order to expand their manifestation and abilities. Your character may gradually change its appearance and powers as you earn rewards; Spirit Renewal is the process of officially registering your character's evolution in the game. The Esk-Masterlist will record these changes by allowing you to update their Esk-Masterlist image in a way that reflects their ongoing changes and modifications earned by playing the ARPG. Anyone can update their masterlist image at any time, just follow the steps below. You do not need to have acquired new traits or mods in order to update a masterlist image, you may also do so for aesthetic reasons if you prefer.

Sprout 2 You can update your masterlist entry once per month.

Managing the Esk-Masterlist is labor-intensive, limiting the number of Spirit Renewals per month will reduce wait times and keep the masterlist queue moving quickly. This is once per esk (not per player) and resets on the 1st of each month.

New Growth Button by dualsceptersSprout 2 Make sure all EE mods and changes, and event prize redemptions are approved.

Energy exchange modifications and changes, and event prize redemptions should all be approved in their designated area before submitting a Spirit Renewal. If you are redeeming an enchantment that looks like a flower and it gets approved, that is the enchantment your esk will get. If the flower idea gets approved but the Spirit Renewal image is of a sigil instead, your Spirit Renewal will be put on hold, or declined, until the change is approved in the appropriate thread. There is more information about this in the Energy Exchange.

Scoring your masterlist artwork

AP goes to the artist

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Adding traits or modifications to an existing artwork earns 5AP without bonuses.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Creating an entirely new artwork will earn regular scoring, including bonuses.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You can now claim regular scoring, including bonuses, for your original masterlist artwork that was used for your design approval.

Long Sprout Comment below with the following information:

• Link to masterlist entry
• Link to updated image
• List of modifications
• Proof of obtainment (Link to purchase/redemption comments)
• Updated artist credit 

Sprout 2 Staff will reply to confirm your request.

The updated masterlist entry will show your esk's previous forms as thumbnails in the description area and have updated ID information based on the changes you have made.
If you need an artist to help you make these changes to your character you can post an ad to the 
Advertisements folder.

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Link to masterlist entry:


Link to updated image:


List of modifications:

TF reward :

Simple white feather (this one is pretty old but I never updated masterlist with it!)

Energy Exchange:

Small nature feature: Cercocarpus montanus (Mountain Mahogany)

Small fammiliar: Micrathene whitneyi (Tiny Elf Owl)

Proof of obtainment:

Transformation Comment

Energy Exchange Comment

Updated artist credit: WiIcza

(please be carefull with my nick, l is a big 'i' not 'L' :) Nick was updated after I got this esk)