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Origin Prompts:  Create your Esk's story

+50AP +15GP

Origin Prompts are provided to encourage players to create a backstory and sense of purpose for their characters. You can only submit artwork and writing for Origin Prompts for esk that you own; you are not allowed to do them for other players' characters, unless you are commissioned or are collaborating. You can respond to these prompts as many times as you like, but you will only earn the bonus once per prompt per character. If you received an esk in an ownership transfer that previously had Origin Prompts made for it you are allowed to have a "clean slate" and start fresh with them. 


 Artwork must be shaded and in color with full-body character, as well as a simple to full background that shows a clear environment unless otherwise specified.
 Writing must be 800 words or longer unless otherwise specified.
Comics, crafts, animations, photo-manipulations, and other media are all acceptable but may need scoring assistance from the TWWM team. Since these types of submissions are so variable, they may need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if they qualify as Origin Prompt submissions. If you have an idea for an Origin Prompt and are not sure how it may be scored or whether it will meet the prompt requirements, please send us a group note and we will help you out!
Finished Origin Prompt entries must be submitted to the Origin Prompts folder. 

Commissions and collaborations are now accepted! 
Only the owner of the esk whose story is being told will collect the Origin Prompt AP bonus. If you collaborate you do not get to split the Origin Prompt bonus, and you cannot combine your character's Origin Prompts into one submission — you still have to do one submission per character per prompt to apply the bonus.

Some Origin Prompts have new, unique requirements! 
We hope to encourage unique approaches to these prompts, have fun with the revised prompts!

New Growth ButtonChoosing an Original Form
When choosing the original form for your esk please keep in mind whether they are a normal esk or an abnormal. The original form for normal esks must be human or animal. Abnormals can have original forms that are quite different - inanimate objects, organic matter, minerals, fungus, or plants.

New Growth ButtonDetermining a Creator
The creator of your esk can vary depending on how they were transformed. Some esk have specific creators, while others players can choose who their creator was.
Must use player esk as creator: player made transformations, must use esk that preformed transformation
Must use NPC as creator: Greenhouse and Wanderer MYO, must used specified Wanderer as creator
Can use NPC or player esk as creator: premades won from events, purchased premades, nursery MYOs, customs, MYOs won in raffles or wellsprings

New Growth ButtonInterpret these prompts in your own way
The esk lore and prompts are intended to provide a starting point for your stories and are always open to personal interpretation. Not all esk are the same and not all esk have the same types of transformation stories, so feel free to build on these prompts in the way that best suits your character. Sometimes the prompts here need to be modified in order to fit a narrative or match the lore — for example, if your esk was created by the Seventh they might have no recollection of the event or realized what was going on because of how the Seventh does its transformations, so you may want to make some unique interpretations of the prompts below like "Meeting the Esk" and "The Transformation."
You are also allowed to leave your esk's creator a mystery if they are unknown in your story. You can depict them as a mysterious force, shadowy figure, unusual presence, or other indirect way. 

Long Sprout Origin Prompts for First Transformations

1. Original Form
Show us who your esk was before they were transformed.
 Were they human or animal? Or were they a plant, object, mineral, or other unusual form?What were they like and where did they live?
New Growth Button Reference sheets will be accepted. Score as a batch upload and then apply the Origin Prompt bonuses to batch as a whole. 
New Growth Button Backgrounds are not required for this prompt.

2. Losing Their Way
Show us how they went missing.
 Did they physically go missing or did they get lost mentally, emotionally or spiritually? What location were they in? If they were not a human or animal, how did the other esk find the object and why did they decide to transform them?
New Growth Button Poetry will be accepted. This prompt has a 250 word minimum (applies to poetry only), bundles will be accepted.

3. Meeting the Esk
Show us their encounter with the esk that transformed them.
 If the character is a Transformation or Story MYO then you must use the esk character that was used to create the MYO in this prompt. If you have a Starter, premade or custom you are allowed to partner up with another player to use their esk in your backstory.

4. The Transformation
Show us what happened when they were transformed.
 What did it look and feel like? Where did it take place?
 You can show the moments just before, during, or just after the Transformation.
 If the character is a Transformation or Story MYO then you must use the esk character that was used to create the MYO in this prompt. If you have a Starter, premade or custom you are allowed to partner up with another player to use their esk in your backstory.

5. The Other
Create a depiction of the esk that transformed them.
 Give us a closer look at the esk they encountered. What kind of esk is it? What effect did it have on your character?
New Growth Button Backgrounds are not required for this prompt. It should still be full body.
New Growth Button Poetry will be accepted. This prompt has a 250 word minimum (applies to poetry only), bundles accepted. 

6. Their Purpose
Show us how they feel about being transformed into an esk.
 What is their sense of purpose like in their new life? Did they become a Traveler or a Trespasser?

7. The Threshold
Show us the edges of their boundary.
 What did your esk find as they explored the limits of their new home? How did they perceive the change in energy as they left the source of their power? 

8. Their Haunt
Show us the area of their boundary where they feel most at home.
 Where do they spend most of their time when they are in their boundary? Do they have any possessions or favorite locations?

9. Shaping their environment
Show us one way your esk has impacted their boundary.
 Have they taken on a role of guardian and done good deeds? Are they more like a haunting ghost or causing mischief? What sort of effect are they having on the habitat or residents there?

   10. First time outside their Boundary
   Show your esk exploring beyond their home.
    Where might they want to roam to?
    If they left their biome, how did that feel to them and how was their form or appearance affected?

Long Sprout Origin Prompts for second transformations

11. Previous Form
Show us who they were before they became an Abnormal.
 What did they look like before they were retransformed?
 Reference sheets will be accepted. Score as a batch upload and then apply the Origin Prompt bonuses to batch as a whole. Background not required.

12. Changing Their Path
Show us the turning point that led them to become Abnormal.
 Why did they want to be transformed again?

13. The Other
Create a portrait of the esk that transformed them.
Who was it that gave your esk their Abnormal transformation? 
 Backgrounds are not required for this prompt. 
 Poetry will be accepted.
 This prompt has a 250 word minimum, bundles accepted.

14. The Invitation
Show us how your esk went about getting their transformation.
Did they invite the other esk to give them the transformation? Or did the other esk approach first and made an offer? Did the other esk intervene?

15. Abnormal Transformation
What did their re-transformation look like?
 What did it look and feel like? Where did it take place?
 You can show the moments just before, during, or just after the Transformation.

16. Their purpose
Show us how they now feel being re-transformed
 What is this esk's purpose going forward? What is important to them now that they have a new form? How do they feel about being transformed?

Sprout 2 If you have a premade, custom esk, or an esk with no determined creator, such as a nursery or event myo esk, you can use another player's character or a Wanderer to be the one who transformed your esk. 

If another player's esk is featured as the creator of your character they will receive a crystal or mineral feature! You can read more about Transformation rewards in the Transformations page. 
Comment on this journal by filling out the form below in order to claim your Transformation reward.
Transformation reward claim
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Link: (link to origin prompt esk is used in)
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Tracker: (of the esk that was transformed)
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Creator: (link to the esk that preformed the transformation)
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Reward: (include a mockup image or description of the reward. please make sure to follow the TF reward rules)

Sprout 2 Continuity and collaboration in your narratives is strongly encouraged!

Please help us keep the game mechanics integrated into the storytelling by using them as a springboard for your stories. If you have a MYO created by Transformation or a Story MYO from the Greenhouse please use the esk character that created the MYO as their creator in the backstory. If another player created your esk with a Transformation we recommend collaborating on your story concepts.
Using the MYO's creator in the story helps us maintain continuity in the esk narrative we are all building together and allows the game mechanics to be a meaningful part of the storytelling. This is especially valuable when it comes to Story MYOs.

Sprout 2 Ownership changes:

If characters in the origin stories (owned by you or other players) change in ownership you are welcome to adjust or rewrite backstories to accommodate these changes. Please continue to retain the original MYO's creator in any rewrites. If the esk was not created by an existing esk character (Starter, premade, custom, etc) you are allowed to select a different creator than the previous owner or you may keep it the same — since the creator is not officially logged in the masterlist you are allowed to change it after ownership transfers. The masterlist logs the MYO's creator by linking to the comment threads where they were created (Transformations, Story MYOs, etc). 
Remember: if an esk is transferred to another player you get a clean slate with the Origin Prompts which allows you to rewrite their story, complete all the prompts, and claim the bonuses even if the previous owner did beforehand.

Monthly Prompts: A day in the life

+10AP +1GP

Monthly Prompts are provided on the 1st of each month to help provide inspiration for casual artwork and writing. These prompts are not as story-oriented as Origin Prompts and do not have any minimum art or word count requirements — just have fun with them! You can do them as many times as you like in any way you like, but they cannot be combined with each other or with other game activities.
Remember to submit your Monthly Prompt artwork and writing to the Monthly Prompt folder!

Long Sprout Active Monthly Prompts

January 2022
new year re-do
its a new year and while many are busy making resolutions sometimes its helpful to look to the past to see how far you've truly come. this month, re-draw or re-write an old twwm piece of yours so we can celebrate together how far we've all progressed on our journeys.

February 2022
sharing stories
we all have a story to tell - be it our own or something we've heard or witnessed and our esk are no different. what stories have your esk told, or what stories have been passed to them?

March 2022
nests & dens
many animals create nests and dens as their homes.. has your esk ever stumbled across one in their boundary? what was it like? what creature called it home? have they ever made one for themselves, or wanted to?

April 2022
its finally spring - the temperatures are starting to improve and big clouds are being blown through the blue skies. does your esk ever stop to watch them? do they see familiar shapes, or fantastical ones? or perhaps they think cloud-gazing is a waste of time - how would they react if they found an esk doing so?

May 2022
changing environment
how does your esk feel about the changing environment? have they noticed a difference in their boundary, or their biome? have weather patterns shifted, or different species no longer visiting (or visiting more?) - how does it make them feel?

June 2022
summer shenanigans
warm weather and longer days bring ample opportunities for summer fun! did your esk run into something they did not expect or perhaps they have specific things they love doing in summertime?

July 2022
art discoveries
sometimes we find beautiful things in unexpected places! has your esk ever stopped to admire a painting, a sculpture or perhaps a bird’s nest? what would your esk consider as art, what do they feel about it?

August 2022
does your esk have something they like to look for or collect? do they seek out more of these items within their boundary & biome, do they need to travel for them, or is it a passing hobby? have they ever watched as animals or humans foraged around their boundary?

September 2022
unexpected find
has your esk ever come across something that surprised them? perhaps another esk is passing by their boundary, or maybe your esk found a hidden treasure? how do they react to these encounters?

October 2022
what is your esk's favorite mode of travel? do they prefer to walk or run, float or fly, or maybe they'd rather teleport to places? do they have a favorite place they gravitate to, or are they aimless? do they prefer the company or others or to travel alone?

November 2021
for some being kind is a natural part of existence - for others, it doesn't come naturally, or even at all. some work on being kinder, while others don't understand how to interpret kind actions or deeds. how does your esk react when another does something kind for them? does your esk seek to be kind to others, or is this a strange concept for them? show or tell us about a moment in which your esk did something kind, or had something kind done for them, and what their reaction was.

December 2021
found family
after being transformed, or due to other reasons, many esk lose the family they once had prior to becoming an esk. however, families tend to find a way. many esk form their own, sometimes with the one that transformed them and maybe ones they then also transform, other times with kindred spirits they meet along their way. and just like with biological families there's the good and the bad and the in-between. does your esk have a family that they've found since being an esk? what are they like? how did they meet them?

Sprout 2 You have 1 year to complete each Monthly Prompt, they do not have to be finished within the month when they are posted. You can do them as many times as you like within that time period.

Once the prompt is replaced for the following year it will expire. For example: the December 2017 prompt will expire December 1st 2018 when the new December prompt is posted.
New Growth Button by dualsceptersPrevious prompts can be found in the prompts archive!

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