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TWWM Points calculator

Hello everyone, dualscepters here!

After several months of work, the TWWM Points Calculator is up and running! With the click of a few buttons, this tool will help you score your submissions using the group's standard points system, with minimal math for players.

First, read the Points System Journal - this will provide a detailed description for how scoring works, and examples for different types of artworks. The journal also provides extra information for how commissions, YCHs, and other types of submissions should be scored. The calculator uses the same terminology and categories as this journal, so you will need to be familiar with it.

In the calculator, enter the details for your submission to generate the AP and GP earned. The breakdown section lists how your score was calculated and can be easily copy-pasted into artist descriptions and logs. Additionally, the "batch multipliers" are to help with batch submissions of all the same type of artwork.

Links can also be found on the front page sidebar and in the points journal.

Remember, scores can be customized for your individual player experience. Since the calculator uses the standard scoring system, feel free to use it as a guideline rather than a strict ruling. Read more about the TWWM game mission and how to use flexible scoring.

Thank you to Xaishi for drawing a mock-up of the calculator page for me, and to the other staff members for helping me catch bugs!

Have questions or bug reports for the calculator? Please leave a comment on this journal, send a note to the group, or contact me (dualscepters) directly via note or DM via the Discord server.

Best of wishes :heart:

- dual

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Okay, THAT is a cool feature! =0 Thank you so much for creating it!

(EDIT) Oh god, I just noticed it has the potato Esk as an icon! = D Such a cute detail.
avrilesque's avatar
Yess this is so helpful!!

thank you for this <3
VaalbaraCreeps's avatar
Oh man this calculator will be immensely useful and helpful! Thank you so much!
Star-Squiddle's avatar
Thank you for spending the time and effort to make this!
You're amazing and this calculator is going to make keeping track of points so much easier.
Tayelisa's avatar
Oh wow! This will be really helpful! Thank you for this!
Tralayn's avatar
BLESS YOU for this:heart:
Husumi's avatar
Like everytime im trying to draw to get a esk i give up cause im so confused with the point system! ty!!!
nybird's avatar
if you need further assistance let us know! The points system can be overwhelming at first but you do get the hang of it. :>
Nairo-Ryu's avatar
thank you for making this :) It looks quite lovely and fitting to the theme and is easy to use! 
Herboreal's avatar
WHAAAT this is amazing!! Thank you so much for making this!
starsealer's avatar
thank you so much for this
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