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Levelstext by witherlings

The longer you play ThoseWhoWentMissing the more you will accumulate Aura Points to increase your player level. Higher levels unlock more features in the game including MYOs!

Sprout 2 You do not need to own an Esk in order to gain AP and level up!

Sprout 2 You are required to keep a player level badge in your profile!

Player levels:

Newcomer 0AP

Lvl1 by Esk-Masterlist

All players start at 0AP
Able to participate in activities and earn AP.

Seed 100AP

Lvl2 by Esk-Masterlist

First-time-owners can unlock the nursery.
Eligible for Monthly Features

Sprout 300AP

Lvl3 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock Uncommon Traits in the Energy Exchange

Sapling 500AP

Lvl4 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock Nature Features in the Energy Exchange
Unlock Story MYOs

Bud 800AP

Lvl5 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock Accessories in the Energy Exchange

Blossom 1200AP

Lvl6 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock one Transformation
Unlock Familiars in the Energy Exchange

Shrub 1700AP

Lvl7 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock rare traits and enchantments in the Energy Exchange

Tree 2500AP

Lvl8 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock Mutations and Elementals in the Energy Exchange
Unlock one Transformation

Nature Spirit 4000AP

Lvl9 by Esk-Masterlist

Unlock Abnormal Transformations
Unlock one Transformation MYO
Unlock 1 additional Transformation MYO for every additional 1000AP

You do not need staff's approval in order to advance to the next level.

You are responsible for tracking your progress and updating your badge accordingly.

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How on earth do I put a badge in my profile and center it? When I paste the link, it's huge, when I upload it, it doesn't even show up, when I try to copy the image and paste it, it doesn't show up, when I drag the downloaded badge image onto the image, it doesn't show up. x.x