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You are like us now... you are no longer lost, your heart is here in the land. Our souls are buried in the earth and we are just their shadows.


To learn more about the lore of the Esk species please check out the  lore page, which delves into the species concept, and the worldbuilding page, which talks about what is cannon and in-depth information about the NPCs.

The FAQ also contains questions pertaining to the lore of the species!

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Can Esk hold telepathic conversations with humans or animals?
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This is entirely open to personal interpretation. If you want your esk to be able to communicate telepathically with humans/animals that is fine!
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"How big or small can Esk be?
They can be any size"

Is there an Esk that is way taller than other Esks?
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Yes! There are a lot that are pretty big in size- 000 is dinosaur sized :)
Size descriptions are open to interpretation, and players often have real-world comparisons of how big the esk is in their trackers.
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so do you know an Esk that is the size of a building or as tall as the Buddhist statue?
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i'm confused on how to play the game? I want to start my way to earning an esk.
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Hello Radda11!

The best way to start of the game is by creating a player profile for yourself. You can log your level as well as all the points you earn by drawing the esk of other players, or your own esk once you get one.
Here are some templates you can use to help you create a your own player profile:
  [Player profile template]★Player Profile★
★ your name ★
Level icon goes here

Player Level

Aura Points
(Icon of the character + link to tracker)

★ History ★
(link this to comment for log/sta.sh/etc)
Player Level: Title (#)
Aura Points: # AP

Click the thumbnails to view more information.

Badges earned from TWWM.

Tracker of submissions and ownership changes.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13
Player Profile Template by NorthGull
  Sample Player Profile[i]: sprout pixel  Username [i]: sprout pixel 

Player level:
Aura Points:
{ C h a r a c t e r s }
(character tracker thumbnails/links)
{  A r t w o r k }
(art thumbnails)
{  A c h i e v e m e n t s }
(badges, treasures)

Just pick the template you like the best and copy paste it into a new journal entry.

To obtain your first esk, you'll need to earn 100 AP and then you may claim a slot from the Nursery! once it has been updated.
AP are earned by drawing the esk of other players or drawing NPC. Here is a list of esk from other players that may always be drawn without needing to ask for permission: Community Esk Gift Art / Works List

Make sure to read through the Newcomers Guide as it has a lot of helpful tips and links!

If you have any further questions or need more assistance, just let me know! c:
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oh ok, cool thanks. i was talking on the discord for a while about it all too thanks. i have already put in my profile page, i'm just waiting for it to get accepted.
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Can esk float? Since the environment doesn't affect them unless they choose for it to, and they have telekinesis?
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yes they can :] and they do have telekinesis
more info here: twwm.weebly.com/behavior.html
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Yay! Thanks for the quick response, lol, I was painting up a waterways entry and decided it'd be super cool if my esk was floating :D :D

/excite! :)
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this is the coolest lore for a species ive seen holy dingus
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Kind of a similar question to Saltysoul's below, but what about other non-human creatures or immortal humanoids? (Demons, angels, naga, characters with humanoid forms but aren't actually human)
Sorry if this is answered in another link somewhere, this is the first one I have read so far.
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  • "Mythological creatures (unicorns, gryphons, etc) or impossible creatures (unrealistic hybrid animals, etc) do not exist in this world. Some exceptions may be made for cryptids (bigfoot, aliens, etc) as long as the stories are consistent with real-world accounts."
I think if you are working within this guideline it will fit into the collective story, but generally speaking TWWM is focused on stories that weave esk characters together and does not involve mythological beasts/humans.
Non-canon artwork and writing is accepted into the group but does not receive points. 
Hope this helps answer your questions! Let me know if you need more info~
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Can Esks "make friends" with humans?
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Sort of a gray area! I am making a more developed lore reference right now, here are some quotes:

Most humans only encounter an esk if they are lost and about to be transformed. Esk are secretive and avoid making their existence known to humanity at large. They are like cryptids or ghosts — some people might get glimpses of them or believe in legends, but they cannot be confirmed as real.

  • Esk do not appear in public and cannot be captured or destroyed by humans.
  • Humans may catch glimpses of esk or perceive them as ghosts or cryptids, but their existence is not confirmed or accepted as fact.
  • Modern day humans that report esk sighting are seldom taken seriously, but esk may be the inspiration for mythologies or fairy tales of the past. They may also reveal themselves to witnesses that lack credibility, such as children.

So there is a little room for friendships, perhaps where the esk is unseen or haunting someone like a friendly ghost, or an esk may be a child's "imaginary friend" - but esk will not be like a person's pet or anything like that. Usually the interaction is taking place only when a human is lost/missing. Is this helpful?
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Hi, i was wondering a simmilar thing. My esk’s original form was a family dog who died and was transformed for the benifit of the family. Can he function as a protector and can the family have an idea that he is still with them in some way, without direct interaction? 
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Hello! This concept sounds perfectly fitting for esk lore. As long as there's no "direct sightings" (as in the esk shows itself clearly to them) or direct interactions this is perfectly fine. If I can clarify or provide examples just let me know, I'm happy to help however I can :>
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Awh perfect! Thank you so much for the reply. I already have some good ideas hehe
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Yes, thank you! ^^
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OK S o
Im only questioning, more then asking a question??
the transformation from traveler to trespasser (abnormal)...
Should that really take another esk?
I've only read lore, but does being a traveler or trespasser alter an esk's form?? Do you really need to transform to become one or the other? Like,, is the transformation meant to change how the esk thinks? How it acts? How it looks? 
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Not sure how best to word this — their form is secondary, like a manifestation of who they identify themselves as, who they feel they are. When they are transformed in a location, that location becomes part of their identity and their esk form reflects that location (in the nature features). When they are re-transformed they might change to fit a new location into their identity (transformation to change boundary/biome) or change to fit a new purpose/emotional state/personality (transformation to change origin), change in identity changes form. The esk changes how it thinks and acts first, then their form is altered to reflect that. I like people to interpret it how they like, but for me I would imagine an esk that has undergone such a strong personal change that their form feels restricted or detached from who they now perceive themselves to be, and the gradual changes (like those in the EE) are not enough to express themselves fully. An internal shift that leads to an external shift that is facilitated by another esk, this is a transformation.
my thoughts for the EE shifts are that they are facilitated by sites of fallen esk, which become magical spaces, and the essence of the esk is still there with enough power to do these "mini-transformations" that alter the esk's form in smaller ways. But again I leave a lot of this open to creativity!

Game-wise, it is more fun in my opinion to have esk all creating other esk and interacting in this way to generate MYOs and redesigns :]
hope this answers your questioning ;D
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