Holiday Gift Eskchange 2017 (closed)

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Tis the season for a Holiday Gift Eskchange!


This event is closed!

Thanks for participating, see you again next year!



ThoseWhoWentMissing is hosting a surprise gift swap! 

This gift-giving activity will follow the basic rules of a "secret santa." We will have a sign-up window open for the rest of the month of November, then staff will randomly assign a gift recipient to each player. You will be required to make a piece of artwork or writing for your gift recipient before the deadline. Don't share information about your gift recipient — it should be a surprise!


You must own an Esk character to participate — in order to keep this activity TWWM-related all participants must own Esk characters, but if you are a first-time-owner you will be able to participate in our upcoming December FTO event instead... details coming soon!
Artwork must be in color — headshots are acceptable.
Writing must be over 100 words — short form poetry can be bundled until it reaches 100 words.
Gift must feature the recipient's Esk — if you want to include multiple Esk that is your choice, but make sure the recipient's character is the main focus!

:bademoticon: You will have the entire month of December to complete your gift :bademoticon: 


:new: Notes have been sent out with your gift recipient!!

If you did not receive a note please let us know asap! Chances are dA ate it :(

Deadline for posting gifts is January 1st
Please submit your gift sometime between December 1st and January 1st. 

Please sign up only if you know you will be able to make your gift before January 1st!

If you absolutely cannot submit your gift before the deadline please contact the TWWM team by note to let us know. We will arrange extension periods for anyone who has unforeseen setbacks that delay their participation. If the extension deadline is missed then you will be removed from the activity and we will arrange for a back-up artist to create a gift for your assigned recipient.

Sky Blue Dot Contact the TWWM team as soon as you know you will not make the deadline or extension! Sky Blue Dot 
 You MUST tell us ASAP if you can't participate so we can make arrangements for your gift recipient!


There is no bonus for this activity, the gift you receive will be your reward for participating.
There is no theme requirement for submissions, they do not need to be related to winter or holidays — just have fun!

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Notes have been sent out with your gift recipient!!
If you did not receive a note please let us know asap! Chances are dA ate it :( (Sad)