Haiku Event: raffle winner announced!

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Haiku Event

Light of the moon
Moves west, flowers' shadows
Creep eastward.

- Yosa Buson

For this event our players submitted haiku inspired by Esk characters and lore...
New *Sprite Rip: Small Sprout You can read all of the amazing entries in our Events Folder!



These point values are for your reference only and no longer apply.

- Each haiku will earn you 1AP — you can submit up to 25 haiku to this event for up to 25AP total
- No GP will be awarded for this event.


For this event we will be raffling off a digital illustration by witherlings!
Every Haiku submission will earn you a raffle ticket. After the event is over we will be assigning numbers to each entry and then we will use a random number generator to select our raffle winner. The raffle drawing will be done live on our group chat, time and date of raffle drawing will be announced here shortly after the deadline.
Please note:
    • If your Haiku are not in the Events folder they will not count for points or raffle tickets.
    • Posting to your personal journal does not count, it must be submitted to ThoseWhoWentMissing 
    • You may submit Haiku in batches, each one will still get its own raffle ticket.
    • You may submit Haiku as text, text within an image, or in an image submission's description.

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout The raffle winner will receive a digital illustration based on the Haiku that was chosen in the raffle done by witherlings  Sprite Rip: Small Sprout 

This event is closed!

The Event Gallery will not longer be accepting submissions.


The raffle for a custom illustration will take place today at 10AM EST and will be done live on our Discord channel.

Congrats to tuesdaying !

New *Sprite Rip: Small Sprout here is the winning haiku:
I cannot see light
my eyes are too heavy now
sleep is coming fast
great job everyone! we loved reading your poetry~

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THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH ;_; this event was a lot of fun and so much fun ahhhh <333